Frameset Object (Word)

Represents an entire frames page or a single frame on a frames page.

Use the Frameset propertyof a Document or Pane object to return a Frameset object.

  • For properties or methods that affect all frames on a frames page, use the Frameset object from the Document object (ActiveWindow.Document.Frameset).

  • For properties or methods that affect individual frames on a frames page, use the Frameset object from the Pane object (ActiveWindow.ActivePane.Frameset).

This example opens a file named "Proposal.doc," creates a frames page based on the file, and adds a frame (on the left side of the page) containing a table of contents for the file.

Documents.Open "C:\My Documents\proposal.doc" 

This example adds a new frame to the right of the specified frame.

ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.Frameset _ 
 .AddNewFrame wdFramesetNewRight

This example sets the name of the third child Frameset object of the frames page to "BottomFrame."

ActiveWindow.Document.Frameset _ 
 .ChildFramesetItem(3).FrameName = "BottomFrame"

This example links the specified frame to a local file called "Order.htm." It sets the frame to be resizable, to appear with scrollbars in a Web browser, and to be 25% as high as the active window.

With ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.Frameset 
 .FrameDefaultURL = "C:\My Documents\order.htm" 
 .FrameLinkToFile = True 
 .FrameResizable = True 
 .FrameScrollbarType = wdScrollbarTypeYes 
 .HeightType = wdFramesetSizeTypePercent 
 .Height = 25 
End With

This example sets Microsoft Word to display frame borders in the specified frames page.

ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.Frameset _ 
 .FrameDisplayBorders = True

This example sets the frame borders on the frames page to be 6 points wide and tan.

With ActiveWindow.Document.Frameset 
 .FramesetBorderColor = wdColorTan 
 .FramesetBorderWidth = 6 
End With
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For more information on creating frames pages, see Creating frames pages.

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