SpellingOptions.GermanPostReform Property (Excel)

True to check the spelling of words using the German post-reform rules. False cancels this feature. Read/write Boolean.

expression .GermanPostReform

expression A variable that represents a SpellingOptions object.

In this example, Microsoft Excel determines if the checking of spelling for German words is using post-reform rules and enables this feature if it's not enabled, and then notifies the user of the status.

Sub SpellingCheck() 
 ' Determine if spelling check for German words is using post-reform rules. 
 If Application.SpellingOptions.GermanPostReform = False Then 
 Application.SpellingOptions.GermanPostReform = True 
 MsgBox "German words will now use post-reform rules." 
 MsgBox "German words using post-reform rules has already been set." 
 End If 
End Sub
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