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Item Property (Graph)

Returns a Range object that represents a range that's offset from the specified range. Read/write Variant.

expression.Item(RowIndex, ColumnIndex)

expression Required. An expression that returns one of the objects in the Applies To list.

RowIndexOptional Variant. The row number of the cell you want to work with (the first row in the range is 1).

ColumnIndexOptional Variant. A number or string that indicates the column number of the cell you want to work with (the first column in the range is either 1 or A).

Syntax 1 uses a row number and either a column number or a letter as index arguments. For more information about this syntax, see the Range object. The RowIndex and ColumnIndex arguments are relative offsets. In other words, specifying 1 for RowIndex returns cells in the first row in the range, not the first row on the datasheet.

This example clears cell B2 on the datasheet.

myChart.Application.DataSheet.Range("A1").Item(2, 2).Clear
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