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Document.Bookmarks Property (Word)

Published: July 16, 2012

Returns a Bookmarks collection that represents all the bookmarks in a document. Read-only.

expression .Bookmarks

expression A variable that represents a Document object.

For information about returning a single member of a collection, see Returning an Object from a Collection.

This example retrieves the starting and ending character positions for the first bookmark in the active document.

With ActiveDocument.Bookmarks(1) 
 BookStart = .Start 
 BookEnd = .End 
End With

This example uses the aMarks() array to store the name of each bookmark contained in the active document.

If ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Count >= 1 Then 
 ReDim aMarks(ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Count - 1) 
 i = 0 
 For Each aBookmark In ActiveDocument.Bookmarks 
 aMarks(i) = aBookmark.Name 
 i = i + 1 
 Next aBookmark 
End If

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