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ErrorCheckingOptions.UnlockedFormulaCells Property (Excel)

Published: July 16, 2012

When set to True (default), Microsoft Excel identifies selected cells that are unlocked and contain a formula. False disables error checking for unlocked cells that contain formulas. Read/write Boolean.

expression .UnlockedFormulaCells

expression A variable that represents an ErrorCheckingOptions object.

In the following example, the AutoCorrect Options button appears for cell A3, an unlocked cell containing a formula.

Sub CheckUnlockedCell() 
 Application.ErrorCheckingOptions.UnlockedFormulaCells = True 
 Range("A1").Value = 1 
 Range("A2").Value = 2 
 Range("A3").Formula = "=A1+A2" 
 Range("A3").Locked = False 
End Sub 

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