How to: Specify the Office host applications your app supports (manifest schema v1.1)

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Learn how to specify the set of Office host applications your app supports when using the version 1.1 app manifest.

Last modified: June 30, 2014

Applies to: Access app for SharePoint | Excel 2013 | Excel 2013 RT | Excel 2013 SP1 | Excel Online | Outlook 2013 | Outlook 2013 RT | Outlook 2013 SP1 | Outlook Web App | OWA for Devices | PowerPoint 2013 | PowerPoint 2013 RT | PowerPoint 2013 SP1 | PowerPoint Online | Project 2013 | Project 2013 SP1 | Word 2013 | Word 2013 RT | Word 2013 SP1

   Office.js: v1.0, v1.1

   Apps for Office manifests schema: v1.1

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The Hosts element is a new optional element added in the version 1.1 schema for app manifests. This element lets you specify the set of Office host applications your app supports. If the Hosts element isn't specified in the manifest, the app should run in all hosts that support the API requirement sets and/or methods specified in the Requirements element.

In a version 1.1 app manifest, the Hosts element is essentially a replacement for the Capabilities element from version 1.0. The Capabilities element is no longer valid in a version 1.1 app manifest.

Hosts element

Optional attributes


Required attributes


Child elements


Host element

Optional attributes


Required attributes

Name (string value described in the table below)

You can specify the following values in the Name attribute of a Host element. Each value maps to the set of one or more Office host applications your app supports.

Name attribute values


Office host applications


Word, Word RT


Access app for SharePoint


Outlook, Outlook RT, Outlook Web App, OWA for Devices


PowerPoint, PowerPoint Online, PowerPoint RT




Excel, Excel RT, Excel Online

This example specifies that the app should load in Excel, Excel RT, Excel Online, and Access app for SharePoint.

   <Host Name="Workbook" /> 
   <Host Name="Database" /> 

To see use of the Hosts and Host elements in the context of an app manifest, see the Sample manifest v1.1 XML files section of the "Apps for Office XML manifest overview" topic.


Most Name attribute values specify a set of more than one host application, which may include support for hosts that run across desktop, web, tablet, and smartphone devices. However, you can't specify which of the applications in the set can be used to host your app.

For example, if you specify the "Mailbox" value, both Outlook and Outlook Web App can always be used to host your app. There is no support for making only Outlook or Outlook Web App the host. However, for mail apps, you can explicitly specify support for tablets or smartphones, which enables Outlook RT or OWA for Devices to become hosts as well.

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