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CRM 1.0

The workflow subsystem's goal is to process system events and run processes.

The workflow system consists of:

  • A set of SOAP APIs: See the CRMProcess and CRMProcessController classes sections.
  • The Workflow Service (a Microsoft Windows service): The Workflow Service responds to events, scheduled events, and run processes. To access the Workflow Service, in Control Panel, double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Services. Microsoft CRM Server installs this service and configures it to start automatically.
  • The Workflow Manager: The Workflow Manager tool provides a graphical user interface for creating processes.
  • The Workflow Monitor: The Workflow Monitor tool provides a graphical user interface for viewing process instances.

For more information about the workflow tools, please see the Workflow and Rule Management section, or the workflow tools Help, which is available for each tool.

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