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Create a Stand-Alone MapPoint ActiveX Control Installation


Microsoft Corporation

July 2004

Applies to:
   Microsoft MapPoint 2002
   Microsoft MapPoint 2004

Summary: Learn how to modify the Microsoft MapPoint Setup program to install the MapPoint ActiveX control by itself. (1 printed page)


Creating a Stand-Alone Installation


You can distribute an application created with the MapPoint ActiveX control by creating a setup file using the Visual Basic Package and Deployment Wizard and calling the MapPoint Setup program. In some cases, however, you might not want users to install your application on their computers at the same time that they install the MapPoint ActiveX control. You might instead prefer for them to install only the MapPoint ActiveX control independently of your application's installation program.

This article describes how to modify the MapPoint Setup program so that only the MapPoint ActiveX control is installed on your user's computers. This way, you can distribute the installation CD-ROMs for your MapPoint control application separately from the MapPoint installation CD-ROMs. You can also deploy your application over a network.

Creating a Stand-Alone Installation

Each computer on which your application is installed must have either a full MapPoint license or a MapPoint control runtime license; otherwise, your application's calls to MapPoint will fail.

MapPoint control licenses can be obtained from your Independent Software Vendor or from your Microsoft sales representative. For more information, visit the MapPoint Web site.

To create a stand-alone installation

  1. Purchase ActiveX control runtime licenses of this control.
  2. Copy all files, including subfolders, from the MapPoint Setup CD-ROM to a folder (<New Folder>) on your computer.
  3. Delete the file Setup.ini from <New Folder>.
  4. Copy Setup.ini from the Runtime folder to <New Folder>.
  5. Replace <New Folder>\MSMap\data.msi with the file of the same name from the Runtime folder.
  6. Delete the following folders, along with the files and subfolders within them, from <New Folder>:
    • Runtime
    • PStreets
  7. Open the <New Folder>\Autorun.inf file and change the following line (line 6):

    shell\launchMP=&Install MapPoint
    - to -
    shell\launchMP=&Install MapPoint ActiveX Control

  8. Remove the following two lines (lines 8 and 9) from the <New Folder>\Autorun.inf file:

    shell\launchps=Install Po&cket Streets

  9. Save the <New Folder>\Autorun.inf file.
  10. Create the installation CD-ROM or DVD with <New Folder> as the root folder of the disc.
    Note   The root folder must include the file Setup.exe.

Distribute a copy of the MapPoint Run CD-ROM along with the ActiveX Control installation CD-ROM, keeping the same volume name and file structure. (The MapPoint Run CD-ROM contains data that is necessary either for installation or to run the application, depending on the installation option selected.)

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