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Preventing Found New Hardware Balloon Pop-Ups

When a PnP device is first connected to a run-time image, the run-time image typically displays a Found New Hardware balloon pop-up that reports detection of the device and, when applicable, begins the driver installation process.

To prevent Found New Hardware balloon pop-ups being displayed

  1. Deploy the run-time image to your Windows XP Embedded device.
  2. Connect each PnP device to your Windows XP Embedded device.
  3. Allow the balloon pop-up to appear and the driver to be installed.

    After this process occurs one time for each PnP device, the balloon pop-up will not appear again for that PnP device. You can then ship the Windows XP Embedded device and the PnP devices, and the Found New Hardware balloon will not appear when the user boots the Windows XP Embedded device and attaches those PnP devices.

If you do not know which devices will be connected to your embedded device, you can prevent these balloon pop-ups by suppressing all balloon pop-ups. For more information, see Suppressing Balloon Pop-Ups.

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