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View Menu Options (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The file options on the View menu enable you to work with source files and the IDE.

These commands enable you to work with resource files.

The following debugging commands are available.

Resource SymbolsUse to browse and edit the symbols in the resource file.
Resource IncludesUse to edit the resource symbol file name and preprocessor directives.
Full ScreenUse to switch between the Platform Builder IDE and full-screen display of the active file.

These commands, which open windows or tabs in the Workspace window, are context-sensitive and depend on the state of the active workspace. For example, if there are no classes in the workspace, the Class View window is not available.

The following commands are available.

OutputUse to open the Output window. For information, see Output Window.
Workspace Use to open the Workspace window. For information, see Workspace Window.
OSDesignViewUse to display the OSDesignView tab. For information, see OSDesignView Tab.
ParameterViewUse to display the ParameterView tab. For information, see ParameterView Tab.
ClassViewUse to display the ClassView tab. For information, see ClassView Tab.
ResourceViewUse to display the ResourceView tab. For information, see ResourceView Tab.
FileViewUse to display the FileView tab. For information, see FileView Tab.
CatalogUse to display the Catalog window. For information, see Catalog Window.
Standard Target StatusUse to display the Standard or Enhanced Target status bar.
Debug WindowsUse to select debug windows to open. For information, see Debug Windows.

You can use the following command with Catalog items.

PropertiesUse to view and edit the properties of the current selection, if available.

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