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Export Wizard Overview (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The Export Wizard guides you through the process of selecting .cec files for export to a Microsoft Windows Installer (.msi) file.

The selected files or projects can include the following:

  • BSPs
  • Device drivers
  • Boot loaders
  • Other OS functionality

You can also use the wizard to export user-created projects and entire directories.

After you export functionality to an .msi file, you can share the file with other Platform Builder users.

When the .msi file is installed on a development workstation that contains Platform Builder, the Catalog items are added to the Platform Builder Catalog. Each Catalog item includes version information that prevents an older version of a Catalog item from replacing the current version.

Note   When you update a Catalog item, before you use the Export Wizard, assign the Catalog item a version number that is larger than the existing Catalog item's version number. This ensures that when a Platform Builder user installs the exported .msi file, the newer version of the Catalog item in the .cec file overwrites the current version in the Catalog. For information on assigning version numbers, see CEC Editor Tool and Implementation Block.

If you create a new version of an existing Catalog item by editing the .cec file, you must either remove the BuildMethod globally unique identifiers (GUIDs), or generate new GUIDs for those methods. Leave all other GUIDs for the Catalog item unchanged.

If you do not remove the BuildMethod GUIDs or create new GUIDs, you prevent other users from adding the new version of the Catalog item to the Catalog. The Build Method GUIDs are duplicates of existing GUIDs on that development workstation.

Export Wizard update functionality only works with files.

The .msi file caches the setup information, including scripts that set specific values, such as Emulator size and which skins to use. For changes in the setup information to take effect, you must uninstall the original .msi file and then install the updated SDK .msi file.

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