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AYGShell API Extensions

Windows CE .NET

As of Windows CE .NET 4.2, OEMs can include API compatibility support for the Pocket PC 2002 shell in their Windows CE-based platforms by means of the AYGShell API extensions. These extensions introduce common Pocket PC user interface elements to the standard shell, for example:

  • Full-screen dialog boxes
  • Support for multiple software-based input panels (SIPs)
  • Menu bars
  • The New button

If a Windows CE-based device includes support for the AYGShell API extensions and uses the same processor that a Pocket PC 2002 application was compiled for, then the application binaries can run directly on the device. If the device uses a different processor, then the source code for the Pocket PC application must be recompiled for the Windows CE-based platform on the device.

The following topics provide additional information about the AYGShell API extensions:

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