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Debugging and Testing How-to Topics (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The following how-to topics show ways to use Microsoft Platform Builder and the tools provided with it to debug and test a Microsoft® Windows® CE–based device.

In This Section

How to Connect to a Target Device for Debugging
Describes how to connect a development workstation running Platform Builder to a Windows CE–based device.
How to Use Platform Builder to Connect to Multiple Target Devices
Describes how to connect a single development workstation to multiple Windows CE–based devices.
How to Debug a Boot Loader with eXDI
Provides guidelines for using hardware-assisted debugging to debug a boot loader program.
How to Use Remote Call Profiler to Find Performance Problems
Describes how to use the Windows CE Remote Call Profiler tool to collect data that shows the performance of an application.
How to Use Remote Performance Monitor to Observe Performance
Describes how to use the Windows CE Remote Performance Monitor tool to display statistics that describe the performance of a Windows CE–based device in real time.
How to Analyze CETK Test Results to Debug a Driver
Describes how to investigate an unexpected CETK test result.

Related Sections

How to Debug a Device Driver
Describes a process for using tools in Platform Builder to debug a Windows CE device driver.
How to Use the CETK to Test a Driver
Describes how to use the CETK to test a Windows CE device driver.
How to Debug a Run-Time Image on a CEPC
Describes how achieve a specified level of support for debugging in a Windows CE–based run-time image.
Tools for Debugging and Testing
Provides an overview of tools for testing and debugging a Windows CE–based device.

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