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Wait for remote user profile

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon


Directs the system to wait for the remote copy of the roaming user profile to load, even when loading is slow. Also, the system waits for the remote copy when the user is notified about a slow connection, but does not respond in the time allowed.

This policy and related policies in this folder together define the system's response when roaming user profiles are slow to load.

If you disable this policy or do not configure it, then when a remote profile is slow to load, the system loads the local copy of the roaming user profile. The local copy is also used when the user is consulted (as set in the Prompt user when slow link is detected policy), but does not respond in the time allowed (as set in the Timeout for dialog boxes policy).

Waiting for the remote profile is appropriate when users move between computers frequently and the local copy of their profile is not always current. Using the local copy is desirable when quick logging on is a priority.

important-icon Important

If the Do not detect slow network connections policy is enabled, this policy is ignored. Also, if the Delete cached copies of roaming profiles policy is enabled, there is no local copy of the roaming profile to load when the system detects a slow connection.

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