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IMXReaderControl Interface

IMXReaderControl provides limited control on reader behavior. Namely, it allows a Simple API for XML (SAX2) application to abort, suspend, or resume parsing.

Note Note

The IMXReaderControl interface is only exposed by MSXML 3.0. For MSXML 4.0 or later, it is not implemented. The IMXReaderControl interface is nonstandard and is targeted to applications that require a low-level parser API. If you use this feature, you may not be able to migrate your program logic to other SAX implementations or later versions of MSXML.


Stops the parsing operation.


Resumes parsing after the reader has been suspended with the suspend method.


Suspends parsing and returns control to the application.

Implementation: msxml3.dll, msxml2.lib

Header and LIB files: msxml2.h


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