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The resource manager proxy uses the IDtcToXaHelperSinglePipe interface to map between the OLE Transactions protocol and the XA protocol when the XA is being used as the native protocol for distributed transactions. ODBC is an example of a resource manager proxy. The following sections use ODBC as a specific example to facilitate the understanding of what needs to be done in the resource manager proxy to map the OLE Transaction protocol to the XA protocol.

This interface differs from the IDtcToXaHelper interface in that it abstracts away the need to use the IResourceManager interface.

You do not need to implement this interface. It is implemented by the core object of the DTC proxy.

Use this interface to map between the OLE Transactions protocol and the XA protocol by using the one-pipe connection model but without explicitly using the IResourceManager interface.

IDtcToXaHelperSinglePipe methods Description


ODBC drivers call this method each time they open a new ODBC connection to the database. The information the ODBC driver provides makes it possible for the DTC transaction manager to perform database recovery.


Creates an XID from an ITransaction object.


Instructs the DTC proxy to enlist on behalf of the XA resource manager. The IDtcToXAMapper::EnlistResourceManager method must be called for every transaction that the connection is requested to be enlisted in.


Closes the connection between the resource manager proxy and the DTC transaction manager, thereby signifying that the resource manager proxy has closed its connection to the resource manager.

Either call the DtcGetTransactionManagerfunction with an riid of IID_IDtcToXaHelperSinglePipe when initially connecting to the DTC, or call QueryInterface on any interface on the DTC proxy core object with an riid of IID_IdtcToXaHelperSinglePipe.

For an explanation of the requirement values, see Requirements.

Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003

Header: Declared in oletx2xa.h

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