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Transform Hierarchy

The following table lists the classes derived from System.Windows.Media.Transform .

Class Description
System.Windows.Media.MatrixTransform Creates an arbitrary affine matrix transformation that is used to manipulate objects or coordinate systems in a 2-D plane.
System.Windows.Media.RotateTransform Rotates an object clockwise about a specified point in a 2-D x-y coordinate system.
System.Windows.Media.ScaleTransform Scales an object in the 2-D x-y coordinate system.
System.Windows.Media.SkewTransform Represents a 2-Dskew.
System.Windows.Media.TransformGroup Represents a composite Transform composed of other Transform objects.
System.Windows.Media.TranslateTransform Translates (moves) an object in the 2-D x-y coordinate system.

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