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Records Center Site Management

SharePoint 2007

The Records Center site template is designed to emphasize site features that are most useful for a records center, and includes several features specifically developed to implement the Records Center Web service. This section discusses these features in detail.

Designating a Records Center Site

You can designate only one site per farm to act as your records center. You specify the location of the records center in the Central Administration interface.

To set the records center location programmatically, set the officialFileUrl property of the AdministrationWebApplication object. For example:

SPWssWebApplication app = SPGlobalAdmin.AdministrationWebApplication;
app.officialFileUrl = "url";
app.officialFileName = "description";

The officialFileUrl property represents the URL of the Records Center Web service, not the home page of the records center itself.

Each record routing type storage location corresponds to a document library within the records center site. You can set multiple record routing types to the same document library.

Security Considerations for Records Center Sites

Administrators configure the security settings on the records center just as they would any other SharePoint site. Because of the nature of the repository, administrators will likely put more stringent access policies in place for the repository than most other sites. This is not a requirement, however, and security levels on the template are not set higher by default.

To submit to the records center, a server’s application pool account must be a member of Records Center Web Service Submitters For <records center name>.

Users do not require special privileges to submit a file to the records center. Office SharePoint Server 2007 automatically grants the user rights, on a per-item basis, to submit a file to the records center. However, the user must be a valid user defined in the Active Directory directory service used by the Records Center site template.

Using Document Services in Records Center Sites

Because the record routing type storage locations in a records center site in Office SharePoint Server 2007 are document libraries, all of the enterprise content management tools included in Windows SharePoint Services and Office SharePoint Server 2007 are available for your use. Windows SharePoint Services and Office SharePoint Server 2007 offer many features that enable you to intelligently manage your content, even after you send it to the records center site.

For example, you can apply a content type to a specific record routing type library. This content type can include a retention policy for the files that are submitted to that record routing type. When a file reaches the specified retention limit, the policy can automatically delete the file or even launch a custom workflow to route the file for deletion approval.

For more information about content types, see Content Types in the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SDK.

For more information about workflows, see Windows SharePoint Workflows in the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SDK.

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