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Debugging Visual C++ Components

IIS 6.0

If you developing COM component with Microsoft Visual C++® that you intend to call from an ASP page, you should take the steps when debugging the component.

To debug a Visual C++ Component

  1. Access an .asp file that creates an instance of the COM component.

  2. Determine the Process ID of the process the .asp is running in.

  3. Start the debugger by selecting it from the Build menu.

  4. Select Attach to Process.

  5. Select the Show System Processes box.

  6. Attach to the appropriate process.

If the application that the .asp file is running in has not been isolated, the process you should attach to is Inetinfo.exe. If the application has been isolated, the process will be an instance of mtx.exe. There may be multiple instances of mtx.exe, so you can use one of the method below to identify the appropriate process to attach to.

You can use the Script Debugger to obtain the processID of the appropriate instance of mtx.exe. To do this, open the Running Documents window in the Script Debugger. The root directory for each isolated application will be listed along with the processID of the appropriate instance of mtx.exe.

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