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Microsoft.Office.Workflow namespace

Contains the workflow tasks shipped with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

  Class Description
Public class BulkWrkTaskHandlerPage Provides methods and properties for programmatically accessing the Bulk Workflow Task page.
Public class BulkWrkTaskIPPage Provides access to the Microsoft InfoPath form for managing bulk workflow tasks.
Public class CollectSignatures Collects signatures from specified participants in the Routing workflow.
Public class CollectSignaturesStopReplicatorException Provides an exception class.
Public class CstWrkflIPPage Represents the Microsoft InfoPath workflow association page.
Public class Expiration Workflow activity responsible for creating expiration tasks for the records management routing workflow.
Public class ExpirationTask A task that is used at design-time to construct sequential workflows.
Public class ExpirationTaskCompletedException Provides an exception class for the ExpirationTask class.
Public class IniWrkflIPPage Provides an Microsoft InfoPath form for workflow initiation.
Public class ListPage Provides the base class for all list pages.
Public class ModWrkflIPPage Provides the Three-step workflow installed with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 with an Microsoft InfoPath for modifying a running instance of the workflow.
Public class ReviewRouting Summary description for SimpleRouting. This is a simple routing workflow for WSS
Public class ReviewRoutingStopReplicatorException
Public class TaskData
Public class WrkAssocPage This class contains methods and properties for programmatically manipulating the workflow association page used by the document routing workflow.
Public class WrkTaskIPPage Contains properties and methods for programmatically manipulating the document routing workflow task editing page.
Public class WSSTask Contains methods for retrieving and setting information about a specified workflow task.
Public class WSSUpdateModificationContext Summary description for WSSUpdateModificationContext.
Public class XlateStopReplicatorException
Public class XlateWfAssocPage Workflow association page for the Translation Workflow.
Public class XlateWorkflow Provides methods and properties for working with the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 translation workflow workflow feature.

  Structure Description
Public structure SigSpot
Public structure XlateTaskResult Exposes information about the results of the Translation workflow as it is executed

  Delegate Description
Public delegate ChangeAllowedCheck A delegate that can be used to verify whether the workflow task properties can be changed.
Public delegate GetCreationPropertiesCall A delegate that is used to retrieve the properties of a new workflow task.
Public delegate TaskCancelledCheck A delegate that is used to determine whether a workflow task has been cancelled.
Public delegate TaskCompleteCheck A delegate that is used to determine if a workflow task has been completed.
Public delegate TaskDeleteCheck Specifies a delegate that is used to check if a workflow task has been deleted.
Public delegate TimeoutMailCallback Called to generate the task e-mail body when the time allotted for the task has expired.

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