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Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages namespace

Provides classes, interfaces, and members for creating custom Web Parts and Web Part pages.

  Class Description
Public class BrowserBuilderType Used to specify use of the default builder for a custom property or provide a custom builder for the property at run time.
Public class DesignerBuilderType Contains references to builders for a design application compatible with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation, such as SharePoint Designer.
Public class FriendlyNameAttribute Specifies the caption displayed in the property pane for a Web Part's custom property. If you don't specify this attribute, the actual property name will be displayed in the property pane.
Public class HtmlDesignerAttribute Defines the HtmlDesigner attribute that is used on a Web Part custom property. It specifies if a custom property uses a custom builder and the URL of the builder, or if the custom property does not use any builder, including any default builder.
Public class ManagedLinkAttribute Represents an attribute that is specified on properties containing URLs that should participate in link fixup.
Public class RequiresDesignerPermissionAttribute Sets the Web Part property attribute that determines whether designer permissions are required before a user can modify the property.
Public class SPAttachedProperty This class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public class SPWebCategoryNameAttribute Defines the friendly or localized name of the category of a property in the CustomPropertyToolPart control inside the ToolPane.
Public class SPWebPartManager Manages all the Web Part controls, functionality, and events that occur on a webpage.
Public class WebPartPageUserException Extends the System.ApplicationException class. This class is used by the Web Part infrastructure and Web Part developers to throw and identify exceptions that will be rendered as error messages to users.
Public class WebPartZone Allows you to create zones that are containers for Web Parts. The properties of this class allow you to specify how the zone will appear on your Web Parts page and also the behavior of the zone itself. For example, when you create the zone object, you can allow personalization and/or customization for the Web Parts placed within the zone.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration Permissions Specifies the value of the Permissions property of the WebPart class.
Public enumeration Storage Specifies the value for the WebPartStorageAttribute class.
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