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Categorical List of Attributes Samples

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The attributed ATL samples include the following categories:

General Samples

Sample Description
ATLCON Demonstrates a simple control container.
AutoThread Demonstrates using CComAutoThreadModule.
BEEPER Implements a tearoff interface — a collection/enumeration of BSTRs.
CIRCCOLL Implements a collection/enumeration of objects using ATL and STL (C++ Standard Template Library).
COMMAP Shows how different COM interface map entry macros are used.
DispSink Demonstrates using a connection point on dispatch interfaces.
LABRADOR Implements an EXE server that does not have any user interface.

Advanced Samples

Sample Description
ASYNC Downloads data asynchronously from a URL.
ATLBUTTON Creates a button that displays itself with three different bitmaps depending on its state.
ATLDUCK Demonstrates using connection points with ATL controls.
ATLTangram Demonstrates managing a large ATL project with multiple project dependencies in the IDE. Also demonstrates some basic COM concepts.
CONNECT Illustrates the implementation and use of connection points (the IConnectionPointContainer and IConnectionPoint interfaces) in a multithreaded environment.
DIRECT3D Creates a control that draws a spinning triangle using the Direct3D graphics library.
OPENGL Creates a control that draws a spinning cube using the OpenGL graphics library.

Controls Samples

Sample Description
ATLFIRE Demonstrates how to build a windowed control using ATL. This sample is adapted from the MFC FIRE sample.
ATLMOVIE Demonstrates using compiler COM support and the Active Movie interfaces to play a movie in an ATL control.
CDINFO Plays CD audio tracks and displays information about the tracks in tooltips and a piechart display.
CIRC Creates a control that demonstrates property pages and draws a circle.
POLYGON The project files for the ATL Tutorial. Builds a control that implements custom properties, events, property pages, and object safety.
SUBEDIT Creates a superclassed Windows control.

OLE DB Template Samples

Sample Category Description
ATLAgent Consumer Demonstrates using CCommand and CAccessor to read information from a database, and demonstrates using the compiler COM support to control the Microsoft Agent control.
MultiRead Consumer Reads through a table in a database using multiple threads.

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