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The Work Item Converter Configuration File

The work item configuration file is an XML file that provides settings for the ClearQuest converter. The sections in this file are described later in this topic, followed by a sample configuration file that you can use to create your own configuration file.

The work item converter configuration XML file contains several sections that specify how work items are migrated from ClearQuest to Team Foundation. The sections are described in more detail later in this topic.


The ClearQuest section contains information about the ClearQuest database that you want to migrate.

  • ConnectionName   ClearQuest connection name.

  • UserDatabase   ClearQuest user database name.

  • QueryName   Name of a query saved in ClearQuest.

  • UserID   ClearQuest user ID. You must use the "admin" user ID. This user should have the permission to create all work item types.


The VSTS section contains information about the Team Foundation work item tracking server and team project to which you are migrating.

  • URI   Team Foundation Server friendly name or the complete URI. For example, "MyAtServer," or "http://MyAtServer:8080."

  • ProjectName   Team Foundation work item tracking team project name.

Other Configuration Settings

The other sections in the XML file let you control

  • ExitOnError   This section accepts a value of true or false. Select True to exit on errors. This means that if errors are found in the migration of some work items, the ClearQuest converter stops.


    This setting only applies to non-fatal errors. For fatal errors, such as the ClearQuest converter cannot connect to ClearQuest, the converter will always exit even if this setting is False.

  • OutputDirectory   Specify the directory where you want the generated files to go. If you do not specify an output directory, the converter creates a directory with Base Entity name for generating output files. If the directory already exists, the converter overwrites the files in that directory.

The following is a sample work item converter configuration file that migrates the ClearQuest TEST database over the CQRep connection using the All Defects Query into the JoseLugoProjectX team project in Team Foundation. It also specifies that the converter should stop if there are any errors, and specifies the directory for the output files created by the converter.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <Source id="ClearQuest">
      <QueryName>Public Queries/All Defects</QueryName> 

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