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How to: Configure ContextMenuStrip Check Margins and Image Margins

You can customize a ContextMenuStrip by setting the ShowImageMargin and ShowCheckMargin properties in various combinations.

The following code example demonstrates how to set and customize the ContextMenuStrip check and image margins.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Drawing;


// This code example demonstrates how to set the check 
// and image margins for a ToolStripMenuItem. 
class Form5 : Form
    public Form5()
        // Size the form to show three wide menu items. 
        this.Width = 500;
        this.Text = "ToolStripContextMenuStrip: Image and Check Margins";

        // Create a new MenuStrip control.
        MenuStrip ms = new MenuStrip();

        // Create the ToolStripMenuItems for the MenuStrip control.
        ToolStripMenuItem bothMargins = new ToolStripMenuItem("BothMargins");
        ToolStripMenuItem imageMarginOnly = new ToolStripMenuItem("ImageMargin");
        ToolStripMenuItem checkMarginOnly = new ToolStripMenuItem("CheckMargin");
        ToolStripMenuItem noMargins = new ToolStripMenuItem("NoMargins");

        // Customize the DropDowns menus. 
        // This ToolStripMenuItem has an image margin  
        // and a check margin.
        bothMargins.DropDown = CreateCheckImageContextMenuStrip();
        ((ContextMenuStrip)bothMargins.DropDown).ShowImageMargin = true;
        ((ContextMenuStrip)bothMargins.DropDown).ShowCheckMargin = true;

        // This ToolStripMenuItem has only an image margin.
        imageMarginOnly.DropDown = CreateCheckImageContextMenuStrip();
        ((ContextMenuStrip)imageMarginOnly.DropDown).ShowImageMargin = true;
        ((ContextMenuStrip)imageMarginOnly.DropDown).ShowCheckMargin = false;

        // This ToolStripMenuItem has only a check margin.
        checkMarginOnly.DropDown = CreateCheckImageContextMenuStrip();
        ((ContextMenuStrip)checkMarginOnly.DropDown).ShowImageMargin = false;
        ((ContextMenuStrip)checkMarginOnly.DropDown).ShowCheckMargin = true;

        // This ToolStripMenuItem has no image and no check margin.
        noMargins.DropDown = CreateCheckImageContextMenuStrip();
        ((ContextMenuStrip)noMargins.DropDown).ShowImageMargin = false;
        ((ContextMenuStrip)noMargins.DropDown).ShowCheckMargin = false;

        // Populate the MenuStrip control with the ToolStripMenuItems.

        // Dock the MenuStrip control to the top of the form.
        ms.Dock = DockStyle.Top;

        // Add the MenuStrip control to the controls collection last. 
        // This is important for correct placement in the z-order. 

    // This utility method creates a Bitmap for use in  
    // a ToolStripMenuItem's image margin. 
    internal Bitmap CreateSampleBitmap()
        // The Bitmap is a smiley face.
        Bitmap sampleBitmap = new Bitmap(32, 32);
        Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(sampleBitmap);

        using (Pen p = new Pen(ProfessionalColors.ButtonPressedBorder))
            // Set the Pen width.
            p.Width = 4;

            // Set up the mouth geometry.
            Point[] curvePoints = new Point[]{
                new Point(4,14), 
                new Point(16,24), 
                new Point(28,14)};

            // Draw the mouth.
            g.DrawCurve(p, curvePoints);

            // Draw the eyes.
            g.DrawEllipse(p, new Rectangle(new Point(7, 4), new Size(3, 3)));
            g.DrawEllipse(p, new Rectangle(new Point(22, 4), new Size(3, 3)));

        return sampleBitmap;

    // This utility method creates a ContextMenuStrip control 
    // that has four ToolStripMenuItems showing the four  
    // possible combinations of image and check margins. 
    internal ContextMenuStrip CreateCheckImageContextMenuStrip()
        // Create a new ContextMenuStrip control.
        ContextMenuStrip checkImageContextMenuStrip = new ContextMenuStrip();

        // Create a ToolStripMenuItem with a 
        // check margin and an image margin.
        ToolStripMenuItem yesCheckYesImage = 
            new ToolStripMenuItem("Check, Image");
        yesCheckYesImage.Checked = true;
        yesCheckYesImage.Image = CreateSampleBitmap();

        // Create a ToolStripMenuItem with no 
        // check margin and with an image margin.
        ToolStripMenuItem noCheckYesImage = 
            new ToolStripMenuItem("No Check, Image");
        noCheckYesImage.Checked = false;
        noCheckYesImage.Image = CreateSampleBitmap();

        // Create a ToolStripMenuItem with a 
        // check margin and without an image margin.
        ToolStripMenuItem yesCheckNoImage = 
            new ToolStripMenuItem("Check, No Image");
        yesCheckNoImage.Checked = true;

        // Create a ToolStripMenuItem with no 
        // check margin and no image margin.
        ToolStripMenuItem noCheckNoImage = 
            new ToolStripMenuItem("No Check, No Image");
        noCheckNoImage.Checked = false;

        // Add the ToolStripMenuItems to the ContextMenuStrip control.

        return checkImageContextMenuStrip;

This example requires:

  • References to the System.Design, System.Drawing, and System.Windows.Forms assemblies.

For information about building this example from the command line for Visual Basic or Visual C#, see Building from the Command Line (Visual Basic) or Command-line Building With csc.exe. You can also build this example in Visual Studio by pasting the code into a new project. Also see How to: Compile and Run a Complete Windows Forms Code Example Using Visual Studio.

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