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Crystal Syntax

Visual Studio 2005

When creating formulas, you have the option of using either Crystal or Basic syntax. Almost any formula written with one syntax can be written with the other. Reports can contain formulas that use Basic syntax as well as formulas that use Crystal syntax, but a single formula can use only one syntax.

For descriptions and examples of individual functions and operators, go to http://support.businessobjects.com/search/ and search for cr8_formularef.zip.

In This Section

Crystal Syntax Fundamentals

Comments (Crystal Syntax)

Fields (Crystal Syntax)

Expressions (Crystal Syntax)

Assignment (Crystal Syntax)

Simple Data Types (Crystal Syntax)

Range Data Types (Crystal Syntax)

Array Data Types (Crystal Syntax)

Variables (Crystal Syntax)

Functions (Crystal Syntax)

Operators (Crystal Syntax)

Control Structures (Crystal Syntax)

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