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An enumeration type used in VARIANT, TYPEDESC, and safearrays.

The following listing identifies the enumeration that applies to each.

// VARENUM usage key,
// [V] - May appear in a VARIANT.
// [T] - May appear in a TYPEDESC.
// [P] - may appear in an OLE property set.
// [S] - May appear in a Safe Array.
VT_EMPTY            [V]   [P]         // Not specified.
VT_NULL             [V]               // SQL-style Null.
VT_I2               [V][T][P][S]      // 2-byte signed int.
VT_I4               [V][T][P][S]      // 4-byte-signed int.
VT_R4               [V][T][P][S]      // 4-byte real. 
VT_R8               [V][T][P][S]      // 8-byte real.
VT_CY               [V][T][P][S]      // Currency.
VT_DATE             [V][T][P][S]      // Date.
VT_BSTR             [V][T][P][S]      // Automation string.
VT_DISPATCH         [V][T]   [S]      // IDispatch.Far*
VT_ERROR            [V][T]   [S]      // Scodes.
VT_BOOL             [V][T][P][S]      // Boolean; True=-1, False=0.
VT_VARIANT          [V][T][P][S]      // VARIANT FAR*.
VT_DECIMAL          [V][T]   [S]      // 16 byte fixed point.
VT_RECORD           [V]   [P][S]      // User defined type
VT_UNKNOWN          [V][T]   [S]      // IUnknown FAR*.
VT_I1               [V][T]   [S]      // Char.
VT_UI1              [V][T]   [S]      // Unsigned char.
VT_UI2              [V][T]   [S]      // 2 byte unsigned int.
VT_UI4              [V][T]   [S]      // 4 byte unsigned int. 
VT_INT              [V][T]   [S]      // Signed machine int.
VT_UINT             [V][T]   [S]      // Unsigned machine int.
VT_VOID                [T]            // C-style void.
VT_HRESULT             [T]                                    
VT_PTR                 [T]            // Pointer type.
VT_SAFEARRAY           [T]            // Use VT_ARRAY in VARIANT.
VT_CARRAY              [T]            // C-style array.
VT_USERDEFINED         [T]            // User-defined type.
VT_LPSTR               [T][P]         // Null-terminated string.
VT_LPWSTR              [T][P]         // Wide null-terminated string.
VT_FILETIME               [P]         // FILETIME
VT_BLOB                   [P]         // Length prefixed bytes
VT_STREAM                 [P]         // Name of the stream follows
VT_STORAGE                [P]         // Name of the storage follows
VT_STREAMED_OBJECT        [P]         // Stream contains an object
VT_STORED_OBJECT          [P]         // Storage contains an object
VT_BLOB_OBJECT            [P]         // Blob contains an object
VT_CF                     [P]         // Clipboard format
VT_CLSID                  [P]         // A Class ID
VT_VECTOR                 [P]         // Simple counted array
VT_ARRAY            [V]               // SAFEARRAY*.
VT_BYREF            [V]
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