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Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities Namespace

Used for various utilities tasks, including encoding of strings and processing of user information.

Public classAttachmentEnumeratorRepresents an enumerator for SPEmailMessage attachments.
Public classDateOptionsProvides access to properties and methods that are used to view and set date options.
Public classIntlDateRepresents an international date value.
Public classMoblogUtilitySpecifies enumerations for a mobile Web log site.
Public classPageUrlNormalizationNormalizes URLs to ensure equivalence between different forms of the same URL.
Public classRightsSensitiveVisibilityHelperRepresents a hyperlink that is hidden if the current user does not have appropriate permissions for the current Web site or list.
Public classSPBucketHealthScoreCalculatorProvides computation of health scores for a specific performance value based on the range of possible values ("bucket") into which the value falls.
Public classSPCallCounterThis counter monitors the number of calls to an arbitrary API (WCF service calls) made during a request.
Public classSPCriticalTraceCounterThis monitor tracks critical windows events and asserts that occur during an operation, such as a page browse. Tracking includes the event text, id, call stack.
Public classSPDiagnosticDataProviderAn abstract definition of the information provider for the diagnostic.
Public classSPDiffUtilityProvides a method and supporting properties to determine the text differences between two strings.
Public classSPEmailAttachmentRepresents an attachment in an e-mail message.
Public classSPEmailAttachmentCollectionRepresents the attachments in an e-mail message.
Public classSPEmailHeaderRepresents a message header for an e-mail message.
Public classSPEmailHeaderCollectionRepresents the collection of message headers for an e-mail message.
Public classSPEmailMessageRepresents a MIME-formatted e-mail message.
Public classSPEncodeProvides methods for encoding strings.
Public classSPExecutionTimeCounterRepresents a monitor that tracks execution time for an operation.
Public classSPFileExtensionsCollectionA collection for storing file extensions (aspx, ascx etc.).
Public classSPHealthScoreCalculatorWhen implemented in a derived class, provides a method for translating a performance value into a health score from 0 to 10.
Public classSPHttpFileExtensionThrottleClassifierEnables the management of throttling of HTTP requests for a resource with specified extension.
Public classSPHttpHeaderThrottleClassifierEnables the management of throttling for HTTP requests that include a specified header.
Public classSPHttpThrottleSettingsProvides management and configuration settings for performance monitoring and HTTP request throttling.
Public classSPHttpThrottlingMonitorsRepresents a collection of objects which can be used to create performance monitors for a Web application.
Public classSPHttpUserAgentAndMethodClassifierEnables the management of throttling for HTTP requests for a specified user agent, a specified HTTP method, or a combination of agent and method.
Public classSPHttpUtilityProvides access to methods used to encode and decode strings during the processing of Web requests.
Public classSPIntlCalRepresents an international calendar.
Public classSPKeyValuePairSerializationInfoStores data that is needed to serialize and deserialize an object.
Public classSPMobileUtilityProvides access to methods and enumerations for working with a mobile Web application.
Public classSPMonitoredScopeMonitors performance and resource use for a specified scoped block of code.
Public classSPPerformanceMonitorCreationDataProvides information needed to create a performance monitor.
Public classSPPrincipalInfoProvides access to information about the current principal.
Public classSPPropertyBagStores arbitrary key and value pairs that contain custom property settings.
Public classSPRequestThrottleClassifierWhen implemented in a derived class, provides a means of assigning a throttle level to a type of HTTP request.
Public classSPRequestUsageCounterTracks the number of opened SPRequest objects.
Public classSPResourceBudgetMonitors the usage of specified resources within a code block.
Public classSPSafeThreadProvides a thread safe class wrapper.
Public classSPSearchCrawlingRequestClassifierEnables the management of throttling for HTTP requests that come from search crawlers.
Public classSPSqlQueryCounterRepresents a monitor that tracks information about the SQL queries that are made during an operation. For each query, this monitor tracks the SqlQueryData text, the call stack, and the duration.
Public classSPStringUtilityProvides access to methods for manipulating strings.
Public classSPSystemPerformanceCounterMonitorRepresents a monitor for the value of a specific system performance counter.
Public classSPSystemPerformanceMonitorRepresents a monitor that tracks some aspect of the performance of the SharePoint Foundation deployment.
Public classSPSystemPerformanceMonitorCollectionRepresents a collection of performance monitoring objects.
Public classSPThreadPoolProvides access to methods for queuing a method for execution by using the identity of a remote user or a specified user token.
Public classSPUrlUtilityProvides access to methods that operate on URLs.
Public classSPUtilityProvides tools for converting date and time formats, for obtaining information from user names, for modifying access to sites, and for various other tasks in managing deployments of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.
Public classSqlQueryDataRepresents a container for SQL query information that is used for diagnostic purposes.
Public classThemeColorRepresents a color in a set of base colors within the context of a ThmxTheme object. A theme color consists of a default color and an associated list of shades.
Public classThemeFontRepresents a theme font within the context of a ThmxTheme object. A theme font consists of at least three script fonts accompanied by a dictionary of optional script-font mappings.
Public classThmxThemeRepresents a Microsoft Office XML theme file. The methods and properties of this class enable read and write operations on the theme name, the color list, and the font list.

Public structureSimpleDateRepresents a date value containing the year, month, and day in any local calendar.

Public interfaceISPCalendarProvides methods for working with the local calendar.
Public interfaceISPPerformanceMonitorImplement this interface to count and describe the number of queries that are sent to an external database.
Public interfaceISPScopedPerformanceMonitorImplement this interface to create a monitor to measure performance metrics within a given scope in code.
Public interfaceISqlSessionProvides an interface to access databases by using the .NET Data Provider for SQL Server.

Public delegateSPSafeThread.CodeToRunDelegate for SPSafeThread used to run background threads to handle any exception that might be thrown. An exception caught is logged and the thread is discontinued without affecting the calling process.

Public enumerationAuthenticationRestrictionsSpecifies whether access is restricted to only authenticated users, only anonymous users, or is available to all users.
Public enumerationDBCSQueryStringEncodingsSpecifies whether double-byte character set (DBCS) query strings use Unicode or UTF8 encoding.
Public enumerationFormatConversionOptionSpecifies the format to use for Web Part conversions.
Public enumerationIconSizeSpecifies the default icon size.
Public enumerationItemUrlTypeEnumerates SharePoint URL types.
Public enumerationPageModesSpecifies the page mode required to view items.
Public enumerationPageUrlNormalizationOptionEnumerator for Modifier Options
Public enumerationPermissionContextSpecifies the context object to which a permission mask is applied.
Public enumerationPermissionModeSpecifies whether the user must have all of the rights specified in the permission mask to view a link, or only one of the rights specified in the permission mask.
Public enumerationSPBehaviorInternalFor methods whose behavior has changed between Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, this class specifies which behavior to use.
Public enumerationSPDateFormatSpecifies the date and time format.
Public enumerationSPHttpUserAgentAndMethodClassifier.MatchSettingsSpecifies how an HTTP request must match the property values of a user agent and HTTP method request classifier in order for the classier to manage the throttling of the request.
Public enumerationSPLangIdProvides access to the integer identifier of the local language.
Public enumerationSPPrincipalSourceSpecifies the source of the current principal.
Public enumerationSPPrincipalTypeSpecifies the principal type.
Public enumerationSPRedirectFlagsSpecifies flags for a redirect operation.
Public enumerationSPRequestThrottleLevelSpecifies when HTTP requests are throttled.
Public enumerationSPSessionCredentialsFlagsSpecifies whether the SharePoint session requires authentication.
Public enumerationSPSystemPerformanceCounterRelativeInstanceIndicates whether an instance of a counter is given the name of the Web application (e.g., “SharePoint – 80”) or the name of the process in which it is running (e.g., “w3wp”).
Public enumerationSPTypeOfRedirectEnumerator that specifies the type of redirect URL requested.
Public enumerationSPWebServiceBehaviorSpecifies web service behavior.
Public enumerationThemeTypeRepresents the state of a ThmxTheme object and its relationship with SharePoint theme features.

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