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Query Builder (Report Wizard)

Use the Query Builder to specify a query that retrieves a result set to use in a report. You can choose between two query builders:

  • The text-based query builder (default) provides a simple workspace for specifying a query and viewing the results. You can specify multiple Transact-SQL statements, query or command syntax for custom data processing extensions, and queries that are specified as expressions. Because the generic query builder does not preprocess the query and can accommodate any kind of query syntax, it is the default query builder tool for Report Designer.

  • The graphical query builder provides a richer visual experience. It is used in Visual Studio and in other parts of SQL Server. You can use the graphical query builder if you are not creating expressions or multi-part SQL statements.

    To switch to the graphical query builder, toggle the Edit As Text button in the top left corner of the window.

You can also import a query from another report.

Edit As Text

Toggles between the text-based and graphical query designers, if both will work for the query.


Opens the Import Query dialog box and displays .rdl and .sql files for any available report. You can use the imported query as it is, or you can modify it in the query builder.

! (Run)

Runs the query and returns a result set if the query is valid. Note that you cannot execute the query if it is an expression. To verify an expression-based query, you must preview the report.

Command type

Specifies text, stored procedure, or table direct. Availability of a command type depends on the data processing extension you specified.

Query pane

Type the query.

Result pane

Shows the result set returned from the query.

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