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How To: Remove Dependency on _vcclrit.h

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In Visual C++ .NET and Visual C++ 2003, DLLs compiled with the /clr compiler option could non-deterministically deadlock when loaded. This problem is often called the loader lock issue, and is described in detail in Initialization of Mixed Assemblies.

To address this problem, _vcclrit.h was provided in Visual C++ 2003 to help initialize DLLs in a manner that avoided loader lock. For Visual C++ 2005, initialization is handled in a completely different manner in order to dramatically reduce the chances of deadlock, so this header file is no longer required.

For backward compatibility, _vcclrit.h is still included, and code that uses it continues to work, but the contents of _vcclrit.h have been deprecated. This topic contains the recommended modifications required to remove dependency on this header file.

Note Note

Although not an ideal solution, the deprecation warnings that result from using _vcclrit.h can be suppressed by defining _CRT_VCCLRIT_NO_DEPRECATE prior to including _vcclrit.h.

The following are changes that should be made to remove _vcclrit.h from projects that employed the recommended Visual C++ 2003 loader lock solution. They all involve changes to the linker settings. See Modifying Project Settings for instructions on changing these settings through Visual Studio.

  • Remove the /NOENTRY linker switch. Using _vcclrit.h required that the /NOENTRY (No Entry Point) switch be provided to the linker. This is no longer necessary.

  • Do not explicitly input MSVCRT.LIB to the linker. Because the /NOENTRY switch was required, it was necessary to explicitly link to the CRT library file MSVCRT.LIB. With /NOENTRY removed, this library is linked in by default under /clr compilation.

  • Remove of NOCHKCLR.OBJ from linker input. This file is no longer required.

  • Remove Forced Symbol References. Previously, it was necessary to force the following symbols with the /INCLUDE switch: __DllMainCRTStartup@12, __crt_dll_initialize, and __crt_dll_terminate. None of these symbols are necessary in Visual C++ 2005, so they can safely be removed.

Other than removing #include <_vcclrit.h> from your code, some additional changes may be necessary depending on the nature of your code. At the minimum, __crt_dll_initialize and __crt_dll_terminate will simply no longer be invoked, and can therefore be removed.

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