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Configuration.Save Method ()

Writes the configuration settings contained within this Configuration object to the current XML configuration file.

Namespace: System.Configuration
Assembly: System.Configuration (in system.configuration.dll)

public void Save ()
public void Save ()
public function Save ()
Not applicable.

Exception typeCondition


The configuration file could not be written to.

- or -

The configuration file has changed.

The Save method persists any configuration settings that have been modified since this Configuration object was created. If a configuration file does not exist at the physical location represented by the FilePath property, a new configuration file will be created to contain any settings that are different from the inherited configuration.

If the configuration file has changed since this Configuration object was created, a run-time error occurs.


When 'Creator Owner' is listed in the ACL (Access Control List) of the directory containing the configuration file, the current user of Save becomes the new owner of the file and inherits the permissions granted to 'Creator Owner'. This results in an elevation of privileges for the current user and a removal of privileges for the previous owner.

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