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TaskLoggingHelper.LogErrorWithCodeFromResources Method (String, String, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, String, Object[])

Logs an error using the specified resource string and other error details.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Build.Utilities
Assembly:  Microsoft.Build.Utilities.v4.0 (in Microsoft.Build.Utilities.v4.0.dll)

public void LogErrorWithCodeFromResources(
	string subcategoryResourceName,
	string file,
	int lineNumber,
	int columnNumber,
	int endLineNumber,
	int endColumnNumber,
	string messageResourceName,
	params Object[] messageArgs


Type: System.String

The name of the string resource that describes the error type.

Type: System.String

The path to the file containing the error.

Type: System.Int32

The line in the file where the error occurs.

Type: System.Int32

The column in the file where the error occurs.

Type: System.Int32

The end line in the file where the error occurs.

Type: System.Int32

The end column in the file where the error occurs.

Type: System.String

The name of the string resource to load.

Type: System.Object[]

The arguments for formatting the loaded string.


messageResourceName is null.

If the message begins with an error code, the code is extracted and logged with the message.

If a Help keyword prefix has been provided, it is also logged with the message. The Help keyword is composed by appending the string resource name to the Help keyword prefix. A task can provide a Help keyword prefix with either the Task base class constructor, or the HelpKeywordPrefix property.

The parameters subCategoryResourceName, and file can be null.

The parameters lineNumber, columnNumber, endLineNumber, and endColumnNumber should be set to 0 if they are not available.

.NET Framework

Supported in: 4.5.2, 4.5.1, 4.5, 4, 3.5, 3.0, 2.0

Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2, Windows Server 2008 (Server Core Role not supported), Windows Server 2008 R2 (Server Core Role supported with SP1 or later; Itanium not supported)

The .NET Framework does not support all versions of every platform. For a list of the supported versions, see .NET Framework System Requirements.

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