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OrganizationServiceContext.LoadProperty Method

Applies To: CRM 2015 on-prem, CRM Online

Loads deferred content for a specified property from the web service.

Calling this method invokes a network operation to retrieve the property value. The property specified may be any one of the properties on the entity, including properties that represent associations or links.If the property represents an association, link or deferred property, calling this method provides the client a way to lazily load related resources. If the entity is in the unchanged or modified state, the property value loads the related entities and marks them unchanged with unchanged links. If the property is already loaded, calling this method lets you refresh the value of the property.

OrganizationServiceContext.LoadProperty (Entity, Relationship)Loads the related entity collection for the specified relationshp.
OrganizationServiceContext.LoadProperty (Entity, String)Loads deferred content for a specified property from the Web service.

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