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RevokeConfigurationPath Method

IIS 7.0

Removes all authorized users from the specified configuration path.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Web.Management.Server
Assembly:  Microsoft.Web.Management (in Microsoft.Web.Management.dll)

public static void RevokeConfigurationPath(
	string configurationPath


Type: System..::..String
The configuration path.


configurationPath is nullNothingnullptrunita null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) or empty.

This method removes all authorized users from the specified configuration path. After the users' permissions have been revoked, the users are no longer in the list of users on the IIS Manager Permissions page for the specific site in IIS Manager. Removing users from the authorized-user list modifies the Administration.config file. After all users have been removed from the configuration path, the scope for the empty path will be deleted from the Administration.config file.

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