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ITextTemplatingEngineHost Members

The interface for the text template transformation engine host.

The following tables list the members exposed by the ITextTemplatingEngineHost type.

  Name Description
Public property StandardAssemblyReferences Gets a list of assembly references.  
Public property StandardImports Gets a list of namespaces. 
Public property TemplateFile Gets the path and file name of the text template that is being processed. 

  Name Description
Public method GetHostOption
Public method LoadIncludeText Acquires the text that corresponds to a request to include a partial text template file.  
Public method LogErrors Receives a collection of errors and warnings from the text template transformation engine.  
Public method ProvideTemplatingAppDomain Provides an application domain to run the generated transformation class.  
Public method ResolveAssemblyReference Allows a host to provide additional information about the location of an assembly.  
Public method ResolveDirectiveProcessor Returns the type of a directive processor, given its friendly name.  
Public method ResolveParameterValue Resolves the value of a parameter that is not specified in the template text, for a directive processor.  
Public method ResolvePath
Public method SetFileExtension Tells the host the file extension expected for the generated text output.  
Public method SetOutputEncoding Tells the host the encoding expected for the generated text output.  

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