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__VSSPROPID2 Enumeration

Provides additional members for the __VSSPROPID enumeration.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.8.0 (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.8.0.dll)

public enum __VSSPROPID2

Member nameDescription
VSSPROPID_SccProviderChangedBOOLEAN: (set-only) Set to true when the SCC provider changes.
VSSPROPID_MainWindowSizeVT_UI4, Read-only. The current size of the appid main window encoded as width in LOWORD, height in HIWORD
VSSPROPID_MainWindowPosVT_UI4, Read-only. The top-left coordinate of the appid main window encoded as left in LOWORD, top=HIWORD
VSSPROPID_IsAcademicAcademic Edition property.
VSSPROPID_IsAppThemedBOOLEAN: VARIANT_TRUE if IDE is themed (using a manifest containing Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls 6.0).
VSSPROPID_VisualStudioDirBSTR: full path of location of Visual Studio directory (under My Documents).
VSSPROPID_VsTemplateUserZipProjectFolderVT_BSTR: read-only. Full path of location for user supplied Project AddItem .vstemplate files (such as \My Documents\Visual Studio\ItemTemplates\)
VSSPROPID_VsTemplateUserZipItemFolderVT_BSTR: read-only. Full path of location for user supplied New Project .vstemplate files (such as \My Documents\Visual Studio\ItemTemplates\)
VSSPROPID_InstallRootDirBSTR: full path of root location of installation (for example, drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio <version>\).
VSSPROPID_SolutionExplorerSortingEnabledVT_BOOL. Read/write. Enables/disables sorting of Solution Explorer nodes.
VSSPROPID_BuildOutOfDateProjectsDWORD: see __BUILDOUTOFDATEPROJECTS for valid values.
VSSPROPID_MainWindowVisibilityVT_BOOL, Read-only. VARIANT_TRUE if main window is visible, VARIANT_FALSE if invisible.
VSSPROPID_SKUEditionEither a VSASKUEdition value or a string. VSASKUEdition if it is a standard version, or a BSTR if a custom version.
VSSPROPID_SubSKUEditionI4 - some combination of the bits defined in VSASubSKUEdition or zero (if none).
VSSPROPID_WaitingForSecondKeyChordVT_BOOL Waiting for the second key of a two-key shortcut.
VSSPROPID_SqmRegistryRootBSTR, Read-only. Registry path to the root of the SQM hive used by the AppId.
VSSPROPID_AutohideToolFrameIVsWinodwFrame of the window that is the visible tool window in the autohide frame. Non NULL only when fully extended.
VSFPROPID_ToolWindowUsesDocSelectionBOOL - when selected. the tool window attempts to restore active document selection.

The table below indicates the content of the property, not the value of the enumeration member.

COM Signature

From vsshell80.idl:

    VSSPROPID_SccProviderChanged = -9032,
    VSSPROPID_MainWindowSize     = -9033,
    VSSPROPID_MainWindowPos      = -9034,
    VSSPROPID_IsAcademic         = -9035,
    VSSPROPID_IsAppThemed        = -9036,
    VSSPROPID_VisualStudioDir    = -9037,
    VSSPROPID_VsTemplateUserZipProjectFolder = -9038,
    VSSPROPID_VsTemplateUserZipItemFolder = -9039,
    VSSPROPID_InstallRootDir     = -9041,
    VSSPROPID_SolutionExplorerSortingEnabled = -9042,
    VSSPROPID_BuildOutOfDateProjects = -9043,
    VSSPROPID_RunAfterBuildErrors = -9044,
    VSSPROPID_MainWindowVisibility = -9045,
    VSSPROPID_SKUEdition         = -9046,
    VSSPROPID_SubSKUEdition      = -9047,
    VSSPROPID_WaitingForSecondKeyChord = -9048,
    VSSPROPID_SqmRegistryRoot    = -9049,
    VSSPROPID_AutohideToolFrame  = -9050,
    VSFPROPID_ToolWindowUsesDocSelection = -9051,
    VSSPROPID_FIRST2             = -9051

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