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Variant.VariantType Enumeration

Specifies the type of a variant object as used by a managed package framework (MPF) language service class.

This enumeration is not CLS-compliant.  

Namespace: Microsoft.VisualStudio.Package
Assembly: Microsoft.VisualStudio.Package.LanguageService (in microsoft.visualstudio.package.languageservice.dll)

public enum VariantType
public enum VariantType
public enum VariantType

 Member nameDescription
VT_ARRAYAn array of variants. 
VT_BLOBAn arbitrary block of memory. 
VT_BLOB_OBJECTAn arbitrary block of memory representing an object. 
VT_BOOLA value representing true (-1) or false (0). 
VT_BSTRA string. 
VT_BYREFA reference to an object. 
VT_CARRAYA C-style array (an array of pointers). 
VT_CFA value specifying a clipboard format. 
VT_CLSIDA GUID for a class (a CLSID). 
VT_CYA Currency value (fixed decimal point value stored in 64-bits). 
VT_DATEA DATE object. 
VT_DECIMALA decimal number stored as a string. 
VT_DISPATCHAn object that implements the IDispatch interface. 
VT_EMPTYAn empty variant. 
VT_ERRORAn error code (typically returned from a Win32 function). 
VT_HRESULTAn HRESULT or COM return value. 
VT_I1A 1 byte (8-bit) signed integer. 
VT_I2A 2 byte (16-bit) signed integer. 
VT_I4A 4 byte (32-bit) signed integer. 
VT_I8An 8 byte (64-bit) signed integer. 
VT_ILLEGALRepresents an illegal variant type. 
VT_ILLEGALMASKEDA bit mask to isolate valid variant types. 
VT_INTA generic integer (typically a 32-bit value). 
VT_LPSTRA pointer to a null-terminated ANSI string. 
VT_LPWSTRA pointer to a null-terminated wide character (Unicode) string. 
VT_NULLA null value. 
VT_PTRA generic pointer. 
VT_R4A 4 byte real number, also known as a float. 
VT_R8An 8 byte real number, also known as a double. 
VT_RESERVEDReserved for future use. 
VT_SAFEARRAYAn array that is guaranteed to be at least empty (that is, it is never a null value). 
VT_STORAGEName of the storage. 
VT_STORED_OBJECTA storage object. 
VT_STREAMA stream of bytes. 
VT_STREAMED_OBJECTA stream that contains an object. 
VT_TYPEMASKA bit mask to isolate valid variant types. 
VT_UI1A 1 byte (8-bit) unsigned integer. 
VT_UI2A 2 byte (16-bit) unsigned integer. 
VT_UI4A 4 byte (32-bit) unsigned integer. 
VT_UI8An 8 byte (64-bit) unsigned integer. 
VT_UINTA generic unsigned integer (typically 32-bits). 
VT_UNKNOWNAn object implementing the IUnknown interface. 
VT_USERDEFINEDA user-defined blob. 
VT_VARIANTA reference to a variant object. 
VT_VECTORAn array with a leading count value. 
VT_VOIDA C-style void type. 

The values here correspond to a standard variant type but these are used specifically with the Variant structure in an MPF language service. The language service is interested in only one variant type, VT_UI2, which is a 2 byte unsigned integer representing a Unicode character.

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