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IVsEditorAdaptersFactoryService Interface

Creates adapters that map between legacy TextManager code and editor code.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Editor
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Editor (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Editor.dll)

public interface IVsEditorAdaptersFactoryService

The IVsEditorAdaptersFactoryService type exposes the following members.

Public methodCreateVsCodeWindowAdapterCreates an IVsCodeWindow.
Public methodCreateVsTextBufferAdapter(IServiceProvider)Creates an IVsTextBuffer.
Public methodCreateVsTextBufferAdapter(IServiceProvider, IContentType)Creates an IVsTextBuffer with the specified IContentType.
Public methodCreateVsTextBufferAdapterForSecondaryBufferCreates an IVsTextBuffer for the secondary buffer (used in IVsTextBufferCoordinator) for the specified ITextBuffer.
Public methodCreateVsTextBufferCoordinatorAdapterCreates an IVsTextBufferCoordinator.
Public methodCreateVsTextViewAdapter(IServiceProvider)Creates an IVsTextView.
Public methodCreateVsTextViewAdapter(IServiceProvider, ITextViewRoleSet)Create an IVsTextView with a specified set of text view roles.
Public methodGetBufferAdapterGets the text buffer adapter for this text buffer (if it exists).
Public methodGetDataBufferGet the data buffer of a text buffer adapter. This is the top buffer of the data model buffer graph.
Public methodGetDocumentBufferGets the document buffer of an IVsTextBuffer adapter. This is the bottom buffer of the data model buffer graph.
Public methodGetViewAdapterGet the IVsTextView adapter for this text view (if it exists).
Public methodGetWpfTextViewGet the WPF text view of a text view adapter.
Public methodGetWpfTextViewHostGets the text view host of a text view adapter.
Public methodSetDataBufferSets the data buffer of a text buffer adapter that is being used together with an IVsTextBufferCoordinator adapter.

This is a MEF Component, and should be imported with the following attribute:


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