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Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Core Namespace

The Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Core namespace contains the core DDEX services that are the base services through which other services are exposed.

  Class Description
Public class DataClientObjectAttribute Specifies that instances of a DDEX support entity should not be directly returned to clients. Instead, they should be returned through a client wrapper object that interacts with the underlying provider object.
Public class DataDefaultObjectAttribute Specifies that a DDEX support entity has a default implementation that should be returned when a provider does not supply an implementation.
Public class DataProviderException Represents the exception that occurs when there is an unexpected problem with a DDEX provider, such as missing or invalid registration or support entities.

  Interface Description
Public interface IVsDataClientObject<T> Represents a client wrapper object that interacts with an underlying provider object.
Public interface IVsDataDefaultObject Represents the default implementation of a DDEX support entity.
Public interface IVsDataHostService Provides the DDEX Host service.
Public interface IVsDataProvider Provides a DDEX provider.
Public interface IVsDataProviderDynamicSupport Provides the ability to alter the support of a DDEX provider, its supported sources, and specific operations, based on the current environment.
Public interface IVsDataProviderManager Exposes the DDEX Provider Manager service, which allows discovery of registered DDEX providers.
Public interface IVsDataProviderObjectFactory Provides the ability to create DDEX provider implementations of support entities.
Public interface IVsDataSiteableObject<T> Represents an object that can be sited with a specific type.
Public interface IVsDataSource Represents a DDEX data source.
Public interface IVsDataSourceManager Represents the DDEX Data Source Manager service, which enables discovery of registered DDEX data sources.
Public interface IVsDataSourceSpecializer Provides the ability to specialize DDEX provider implementations of support entities for specific data sources based on a data connection string.
Public interface IVsDataSupport Provides the ability to supply a stream of XML that drives support for a particular area of data designer extensibility (DDEX).
Public interface IVsDataSupportImportResolver Provides the ability to resolve Import statements in a stream of data support XML.
Public interface IVsDataSupportObject<T> Represents an object that was created based on reference information supplied in a data support XML stream.

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