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Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Workflow.Tracking Namespace

Public classActivityInfo
Public classActivityTracking
Public classActivityTrackingAttributeRepresents an activity tracking attribute.
Public classAgentScopeActivityTracking
Public classAssociatedChangesetA changeset associated with a build.
Public classAssociatedWorkItemA work item associated with a build.
Public classBuildErrorAn error that occurred during the build.
Public classBuildInformationFieldRecordRepresent a build information field record.
Public classBuildInformationFieldRecord<T>Represents a generically typed build information field record.
Public classBuildInformationRecord
Public classBuildInformationRecord<T>Represents a generic build information record.
Public classBuildMessageAn informational message shown during the build.
Public classBuildTrackingParticipant
Public classBuildWarningA warning that occurred during a build.
Public classCheckInOutcomeThe check-in result of an individual build request.
Public classCustomSummaryInformationA custom message that will be shown on the Build Details Summary page.
Public classOpenedWorkItemA work item created during a build.
Public classReshelvedShelvesetA reshelved shelveset that has been merged and recreated during a build.

Public enumerationActivityTrackingOptionThis enum contains options to specify the activity tracking mode.
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