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IDataConnection Interface

Visual Studio 2010

Defines properties and methods that represent the data connection.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServerCe.Management.Scripting
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServerCe.Management.Scripting (in Microsoft.SqlServerCe.Management.Scripting.dll)

Public Interface IDataConnection _
	Inherits IDisposable
Dim instance As IDataConnection

The IDataConnection type exposes the following members.

Public propertyConnectionStringGets the connection string for the data connection.
Public propertyDatabaseGets the name of the database.
Public propertyInternalConnectionGets the internal connection (the ADO.NET provider independent connection instance) for the connection.

Public methodCloseConnectionCloses the connection of the database if the connection is not already closed.
Public methodConnectOpens the connection to the database.
Public methodDispose (inherited from IDisposable)
Public methodInstantiateDataAdapterInstantiates a new database data adapter instance.
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