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CollectionItem Class

The CollectionItem class creates an instance of a collection item.


Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Collector
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Collector (in Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Collector.dll)

public sealed class CollectionItem : SfcInstance, 
	ISfcAlterable, IAlterable, ISfcRenamable, IRenamable, IMarkForDrop

The CollectionItem type exposes the following members.

Public methodCollectionItemCreates an instance of a collection item given the collection set name and an item name.

Protected propertyAbstractIdentityKey (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public propertyCollectionFrequencyGets or sets the collection frequency for this item if the collection set is running in CollectionMode = "continuous".
Public propertyIdGets the collection item Id.
Public propertyIdentityKeyGets the identity key for the collection item.
Public propertyMetadata (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public propertyNameGets or sets the collection item name.
Public propertyParametersGets or sets collection item parameters.
Public propertyParentGets or sets the parent object in the object model hierarchy.
Public propertyProperties (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected propertyPropertyStorageProvider (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected propertyState (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public propertyTypeNameGets or sets the name of the collector type that the collection item implements.
Public propertyUrn (Inherited from SfcInstance.)

Public methodAlterAlters a collection item by applying the changes to the configuration store.
Protected methodAlterImpl (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodCheckObjectCreated (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodCheckObjectState (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodCreateIdentityKey (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodCreateImpl (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodDiscoverThis method is for internal use only. (Overrides SfcInstance.Discover(ISfcDependencyDiscoveryObjectSink).)
Protected methodDropImpl (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodEquals (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodFinalize (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodGetChildCollection (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodGetDomain (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodGetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodStatic memberGetObjectFactoryInstantiates an instance of the constructor used for collection items.
Public methodGetPropertySet (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodGetType (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodGetTypeMetadataImpl (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodInitializeUIPropertyState (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodMarkForDropThis method marks a collection item for dropping if the collection item has been changed.
Protected methodMarkForDropImpl (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodMarkRootAsConnected (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodMemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodMoveImpl (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodOnPropertyMetadataChanges (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodOnPropertyValueChanges (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodPostAlter (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodPostCreate (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodPostDrop (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodPostMove (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodPostRename (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodRefresh (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodRenameRenames a collection item.
Protected methodRenameImpl (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodResetKey (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodSerialize (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodToString (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodUpdateUIPropertyState (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodValidate (Inherited from SfcInstance.)

Protected eventpropertyChanged (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public eventPropertyChanged (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected eventpropertyMetadataChanged (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public eventPropertyMetadataChanged (Inherited from SfcInstance.)

Explicit interface implemetationPrivate methodISfcRenamable.RenameThis method is for internal use only.
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate methodISfcAlterable.ScriptAlterThis method is for internal use only.
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate methodISfcRenamable.ScriptRenameThis method is for internal use only.

This namespace, class, or member is supported only in version 2.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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