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IDTSComponentMetaData100 Methods

The IDTSComponentMetaData100 type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method FireCustomEvent Raises a custom event defined by a component.
Public method FireError Raises an OnError event.
Public method FireInformation Raises an OnInformation event.
Public method FireProgress Raises an OnProgress event.
Public method FireWarning Raises an OnWarning event.
Public method GetComponentView Gets the IDTSComponentView100 interface for a component, which supports transactional edits of the component metadata.
Public method GetErrorDescription Gets the description of an internal Integration Services error code.
Public method IncrementPipelinePerfCounter Increments a data flow performance counter.
Public method Instantiate Creates an instance of a component specified by the ComponentClassID property.
Public method PostLogMessage Writes an entry in a package log.
Public method RemoveInvalidInputColumns Removes invalid IDTSInputColumn100 objects from an IDTSInputColumnCollection100.
Public method Validate Invokes the validation of the component metadata.

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