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Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls namespace

Contains ASP.NET server controls that are used on site and list pages in a SharePoint site.

The major class, SPControl, provides methods for getting or setting the context of requests and serves as the base class from which other controls in this namespace derive.

All classes in this namespace require that a page directive like the following be included in the ASPX page containing the control:

<%@ Register Tagprefix="SharePoint" Namespace="Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls" 
   Assembly="Microsoft.SharePoint, Version=, Culture=neutral, 
   PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c" %>

You can obtain the PublicKeyToken value for the current Windows SharePoint Services deployment from the default.aspx file in the %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\15\TEMPLATE\SiteTemplates\STS folder, or from information provided for the Microsoft.SharePoint assembly at Local_Drive:\%WINDOWS%\assembly in Windows Explorer.

Public classAccessRequestsDialog This is a private user control that does the foll: 1. Allow user to make an access request to a website 2. Allow user to see and update conversation with the owner of the website
Public classAccountPickerAndLinkRepresents a control through which the user can select a managed account or register a new managed account.
Public classAclEditorRepresents the Web control that allows a user to edit permissions.
Public classActionLinkDataSourceControl
Public classActionsMenuRepresents an Actions menu button on a toolbar.
Public classActivateSolutionItemButtonRepresents a button used to activate a sandboxed solution.
Public classAddGroupEventArgsRepresents information that is used by processes that consume AddGroup events.
Public classAddLinkEventArgsEvent argument to allow consumers of FeatureLinkSections and FeatureLinks to listen as links are added and make any desired modifications.
Public classAddMenuItemEventArgs
Public classAdminControlPanel
Public classAdministrationDataSourceControl
Public classAdministrationDataSourceViewRepresents the the capabilities of Administration data source controls.
Public classAggregateDataSource This class represents a datasource that's aggregated over other datasource controls.
Public classAggregateDataSourceView This class represents a datasource View that's aggregated over other datasource controls.
Public classAjaxDelta
Public classAlertMeButtonRepresents the AlertMe button.
Public classAllContentsViewSelectorMenuRepresents the all site content view selector menu control.
Public classAllDayEventFieldRenders the All Day event field on various forms.
Public classAlphaImageUse the AlphaImage Web control to render PNG images in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Public classAlternateUrlCollectionSelector
Public classAnalyticsEvent Use this control to create a new Analytics Event Log entry per rendering. The control will use the QueryStringValueName property to store the name of the QueryString value storing the ID of the SharePoint Item that the Log entry needs to be created for. Aditionaly, the EventUrlTemplate will contain the Web relative template of the URL that needs to be logged. Example: QueryStringValueName
Public classAppendOnlyHistoryRepresents the version history of a list item.
Public classApplicationAssociationsDataSourceView
Public classApplicationAssociationsViewProvides a control that is used to display and change associations for service application proxy groups.
Public classApplicationAssociationsViewWebPartProvides a Web Part for creating a view of an ApplicationAssociationsView control.
Public classApplicationPageLinkRenders the URL links to application pages, such as webUrl/_layouts/settings.aspx.
Public classApplicationPoolSection
Public classApprovalButtonRepresents an ApprovalButton object.
Public classApprovalMessageRenders a message that indicates that the content-approval property of the list has been set to true.
Public classApprovalStatusRepresents a form component that contains the list approval status.
Public classApproveCommandHandlerHandles the Approve button on the ribbon when the rendered page represents a wiki or publishing page.
Public classAspMenuRepresents an AspMenu control.
Public classAspMenuDesignerProvides design-time support in a visual designer for the AspMenu control.
Public classAssignToEmailMessageRepresents a message that e-mail will be sent to users who are listed in the AssignedTo field.
Public classAttachmentButtonRepresents the Attachment button.
Public classAttachmentsFieldRenders a field to which a file is attached on a form page (not a list view page).
Public classAttachmentUploadRepresents the form part for an attachment upload.
Public classAttendeeEmailResponseRepresents the e-mail response controls on the Attendees list edit-form in a Meeting Workspace.
Public classAttendeeFieldRepresents a field control for an Attendee e-mail address.
Public classAuthenticatedUserDiv Renders a DIV element which has different styles based on whether the current user is authenticated or anonymous
Public classBackLinksIteratorRepresents a templated control that is used to display Back Links for a Wiki page.
Public classBaseChoiceFieldProvides core functionality for controls that render fields (on form pages, but not on list view pages) whose value is usually selected by users from a set of options, such as a drop-down list, a set of option buttons, or a set of check boxes.
Public classBaseFieldControlRenders a field on a form page (not a list view page) by using one or more child controls such as a label, link, or text box control.
Public classBaseNumberFieldProvides core functionality for classes that render a field on a form page (not a list view page) as a number.
Public classBaseTextFieldProvides core functionality for controls that render a field on a form page (not a list view page) as a text box, including controls whose text value is a numeral with no letters.
Public classBaseXmlDataSourceThe base class for the XmlUrlDataSource and SPXmlDataSource classes.
Public classBdcAccessorProvides internal utility functions. Instances of a BdcAccessor should not be accessed directly. Instead, use the AddBdcAccessorMatchValidator(BdcAccessor.Validator) function of the EntityPicker to provide a Validator to be used with a specific EntityPicker. This will configure the BdcAccessor corresponding to the EntityPicker with the provided AddBdcAccessorMatchValidator(BdcAccessor.Validator) function. For more information, contact us.
Public classBdcDataSourceRepresents a user control that facilitates data exchange between data source consumers, such as Web Parts, and Business Data Connectivity (BDC) service data providers.
Public classBooleanFieldRenders a field on a form page (not a list view page) as a single check box.
Public classBpScriptInserts the server control that is used to open the Rich Text Editor in a Basic Page.
Public classBrowserCeipSection
Public classBusinessDataExceptionThis class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classBusinessDataFieldControlThis class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classBusinessDataFieldEditorThis class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classBusinessDataListConfigurationExceptionThis class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classBusinessDataParameterInitialization parameter for the operator of a BdcDataSource query.
Public classButtonSectionRepresents the ButtonSection control.
Public classCacheManifestLink
Public classCalculatedFieldRenders a calculated field on a form page (not a list view page).
Public classCallbackMenuGenerationEventArgsProvides data for the CallbackMenuGeneration event.
Public classCancelApprovalCommandHandlerRepresents the ribbon command handler for the Cancel Approval button.
Public classCertificateSettingSectionRepresents a control that provides settings for certificates.
Public classChangeContentType ChangeContentType
Public classChangePasswordButtonRepresents the ChangePassword control in Active Directory account creation mode.
Public classCheckBoxChoiceFieldRepresents the field control for the check box multichoice field.
Public classCheckInCheckOutButtonRepresents the Check In/Check Out button.
Public classCheckinCommandHandlerHandles the Check In button on the ribbon when the rendered page represents a wiki or publishing page.
Public classCheckoutCommandHandlerProvides the ribbon command handler for the Checkout button.
Public classClaimReleaseTaskButtonRepresents the ClaimReleaseTask button.
Public classClientPeoplePicker
Public classClientPivotControl
Public classClientPivotControlMenuOption Represents a clickable Menu Option at the correct position in the pivot control The pivot control surfaces the configured number of options and moves the rest to the overflow menu
Public classClientPivotControlMenuSeparator Represents a Menu Separator at the correct position in the pivot control overflow menu
Public classClusteredDirectionalImageRepresents a clustered image that is clipped for display in a web browser.
Public classClusteredDirectionalSeparatorArrowRepresents a separator arrow image that is used in the title area of a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation page.
Public classClusteredHyperlinkRepresents a portion of an image cluster that is rendered in a web browser as a hyperlink.
Public classClusteredImageClips and offsets an image so that only a region of it can be seen in the browser.
Public classClusteredSPLinkButtonCreates a link with a clustered image if the current user has the rights to use it.
Public classCommandUIOptions A control allowing for CommandUI customization.
Public classCompositeFieldRepresents a field control and its label and description.
Public classComputedFieldRepresents the field control that provides behavior for a computed field.
Public classConditionalEnable
Public classContentDatabaseSectionUsed to display or edit database settings.
Public classContextSelector<T>Represents the base class that is used to switch contexts in the central administration site.
Public classCopySourceInfoRepresents the copy information and links at the bottom of the display and edit forms.
This class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classCopySourceUrlInfoRepresents the URL of a source item and descriptive text.
This class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classCreatedModifiedInfoRepresents the “create by” and “modified by” information blocks that are rendered at the bottom of display and edit forms.
Public classCreationTypeRenders a link to an e-mail information page for a list item that is created by e-mail.
Public classCrossProjectLinkField
Public classCSRFormField CSRFormField: Form control for purely CSR forms that render no content
Public classCSRListFieldIterator CSRListFieldIterator: Iterate all fields in a list schema and initialize CSR data for any fields with a client JSLink and CSR template
Public classCssLinkInserts a LINK element into the resulting HTML page and applies an external style sheet(s) defined by CssRegistration.
Public classCssRegistrationRepresents a cascading style sheet (CSS) file registration. CssLink reads this registration to insert a LINK element into the resulting HTML page and apply the external style sheet(s) defined by the registration.
Public classCTFieldRefsThis class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code. Represents the content type field references on the Web page.
Public classCTFieldRefsContainerThis class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classCurrencyFieldRenders a field on a form page (not a list view page) as a currency value.
Public classCustomJSUrlEstablishes a reference to a custom JavaScript file containing script to run on the page.
Public classDailyCalendarView
Public classDailyTimeSlotRow
Public classDataSourceCollectionRepresents a collection of IDataSource interfaces.
Public classDataTableDataSourceViewGenerates an object that represents a DataTable of information that can be used to render a view.
Public classDateTimeControlRepresents a DateTime control.
Public classDateTimeFieldRepresents a field control for the DateTime field type.
Public classDeactivateSolutionItemButtonA button used to deactivate a sandboxed solution.
Public classDelegateControlA generic control that is able to render an ASP.NET control. Delegate controls make their child candidate controls pluggable and replaceable.
Public classDeleteCommandHandlerRepresents the ribbon command handler for the Delete button.
Public classDeleteItemButtonRepresents the DeleteItem button.
Public classDeleteItemVersionButtonRepresents the DeleteItemVersion button.
Public classDeltaPage
Public classDesignModeConsoleContainerRepresents a container that is used to display and hide the design mode console, based on the context in which the container is used.
Public classDeveloperDashboardProvides a property to determine whether the Developer Dashboard is enabled for the current HTTP request.
Public classDeveloperDashboardLauncherA dashboard control that is rendered at run time on SharePoint Foundation page, when enabled. It displays page and component performance statistics for use in troubleshooting problems and optimizing performance.
Public classDeveloperDashboardUserScripts This is a control that will render the user scripts defined in DeveloperDashboardSettings
Public classDialogMasterRepresents the base class that contains the methods and properties for a dialog control on a master page.
Public classDiffSelectorIteratorRepresents a template control that displays a version list.
Public classDirectionalImageRepresents an image element that uses a different source based on the current locale.
Public classDiscardCheckoutCommandHandlerRepresents the ribbon command handler for the Discard Checkout button.
Public classDistributionListsApprovalButtonRepresents the DistributionListsApproval button.
Public classDividingListFieldIterator DividingListFieldIterator: Render all fields in TopFields that aren't also in ExcludeFields and display a "Show More" button to display the rest of the fields (that aren't in ExcludeFields).
Public classDocumentConversionsLoadBalancerPickerRepresents a drop-down list from which a user can select a document conversions load balancer server for use in a Web application.
Public classDocumentFolderNameRepresents a web control that renders a document's parent folder name.
Public classDocumentLibraryFieldsRepresents the document library form fields.
Public classDocumentTransformersInfoObsolete. Represents a list of document transformers that can be applied to the current file selection.
Public classDontSaveAndStopCommandHandlerRepresents the ribbon command handler for the Don’t Save And Stop Editing button.
Public classDropDownChoiceFieldRepresents the control for a drop-down choice field.
Public classDVCheckBoxListRepresents a CheckBoxList component for a data view.
Public classDVDropDownListRepresents a DropDownList component for a data view.
Public classDVListBoxRepresents a ListBox component for a data view.
Public classDVRadioButtonListRepresents a radio button list component for a data view.
Public classEditCommandHandlerRepresents the ribbon command handler for the Edit button.
Public classEditDatesSelector
Public classEditDocumentLink
Public classEditItemButtonRepresents the EditItem button.
Public classEditSeriesButtonRepresents the EditSeries button.
Public classEmailCalendarMessage EmailCalendarMessage: Message communicating that changes to the calendar item will not be sent out in email.
Public classEmbeddedFormFieldRepresents a form field that can render and receive the form field value from the page stream.
Public classEncodedLiteralRepresents a Literal control with support for multiple encoding-methods.
Public classEnterFolderButtonRepresents the EnterFolderButton component.
Public classEntityEditorRepresents a Web control that allows solution developers to edit the entities associated with an object.
Public classEntityEditorWithPickerRepresents the base level control behind the future picker controls by implementing a Check Name button and a Browse button.
Public classEntityPickerRepresents a user control that allows you to pick an entity to interact with, such as a customer, an order, or an employee.
Public classEntityPickerDialogThis class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classEntityQueryControlThis class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classExitDesignModeControlRepresents a design mode exit control which is typically displayed in the Design Mode Console.
Public classExpandableDropDownListRepresents the ExpandableDropDownList.
Public classExportWebPartButtonRepresents the ExportWebPartButton component.
Public classFeatureLinksRepresents a table of links created by custom actions of the feature.
Public classFeatureLinkSectionsRepresents a control that generates links based on the enabled features for the current context. Sections and links are defined in feature manifests.
Public classFeatureMenuTemplateRepresents a control that creates a template for a drop-down menu.
Public classFieldDescriptionRepresents the description metadata of a field.
Public classFieldLabelConditionally renders the name of a field as a label by using a RenderingTemplate control.
Public classFieldMetadataProvides core rendering metadata applicable to all fields in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.
Public classFieldPropertyRepresents a property of a field; that is, a column, on a list.
Public classFieldValueRepresents a field value. For more information about creating custom field value classes, see Custom Field Value Classes.
Public classFileFieldRenders a field that links to a file on a form page (not a list view page) in a document library.
Public classFileUploadedMessage UploadMessage: Shows the message communicating to the user that the file has been uploaded.
Public classFolderFormFieldsRepresents document library fields which are rendered conditionally dependant on whether the current operation is a file upload or folder creation.
Public classFoldHyperLink Control that provides a way to toggle visibility specific content with a link
Public classFormAppInfo Render the list item's app editor or app author information.
Public classFormattedStringRenders a string formatted with .Net Composite Formatting.
Public classFormattedStringWithListType
Public classFormAuthorEditorFormattedString Render the list item's app editor or app author information.
Public classFormButtonRepresents the Form button on a toolbar.
Public classFormComponentSupports all basic methods and properties for all form-rendering and field-rendering controls, such as ControlMode, templates, and logic for conditional rendering.
Public classFormDigestInserts a security validation within the form of an .aspx page.
Public classFormFieldRepresents generic field control that is based on the field type.
Public classFormToolBarRepresents the FormToolBar.
Public classGanttThis class and its members are not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classGenericInformationBarRepresents the GenericInformationBar.
Public classGeolocationFieldControl Class responsible for the display of the Geolocation field
Public classGlobalGalleryActionsMenuRepresents an Action Menu in the Global Gallery.
Public classGoBackButtonRepresents the GoBackButton component.
Public classGoToCopySourceLinkRepresents a link that redirects to the display form of the source item.
This class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classGroupedDropDownListRepresents a drop-down list box to select a single choice from a list of multiple items.
Public classGroupedItemPickerRepresents a set of possible items to choose and selected items with selection controls. The control is rendered as an optional set drop-down list box to select a group, and a set of two select boxes, with buttons to select items.
Public classGroupPermissions The control to list all security scopes that a SharePoint group has direct role assignments.
Public classGuidFieldRenders a GUID field on a form page.
Public classHealthReportRepairButtonRepresents a Repair button on the form that displays an item in the Health Analyzer Reports list.
Public classHealthReportRunNowButtonRepresents a Run Now button on the form that displays an item in the Health Analyzer Reports list.
Public classHealthRuleRunNowButtonRepresents a Run Now button on the form that displays an item in the Health Analyzer Rule Definitions list.
Public classHierarchicalDesigner
Public classHierarchyResultControlRepresents a hierarchical tree of PeoplePicker search results.
Public classHtcMenuThis type supports Windows SharePoint Services and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classHtcMenuClientFilesProvides the ability to register a script block to link in client-side files for the menu control.
Public classHtcMenuItemThis type supports Windows SharePoint Services and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classHtcMenuItemCollectionThis type supports Windows SharePoint Services and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classHtcMenuOptionThis type supports Windows SharePoint Services and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classHtcMenuSeparatorThis type supports Windows SharePoint Services and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classHtcMenuUtilityRegisters client script files for the menu control.
Public classHtcSubMenuThis type or member supports Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classIdentityProviderSettingSectionRenders a control that is used to set the identity provider settings for a web application.
Public classIEVersionMetaTagRenders an HTML metatag that is used to represent a version of the Internet Explorer (IE) browser.
Public classIisWebServiceApplicationPoolSectionAllows an administrator to select an application pool for use with a Web service application.
Public classIisWebSiteSection
Public classImageCrop Tool for selecting a region of an image for cropping. Supports both locked and unlocked aspect ratios and an initially selected crop region
Public classImageLink The ImageLink control resides on the master page, inside the body but before the form element. Its purpose is to render links to images which will not be seen but will be optimistically fetched by some browsers before they are necessary for rendering. This enables fuller use of network bandwidth.
Public classImageRegistration The ImageRegistration control does two things. First, it adds an image control to the page which will appear where this ImageRegistration was located. Second, it adds an entry to the page image array which may be used to improve the page load time performance of newer browsers.
Public classInformationBarRepresents the message bar at the top of a form.
Public classInitContentType InitContentType
Public classInputFormCheckBoxRepresents a check box on a Web input form.
Public classInputFormCheckBoxListRepresents a form component that creates a multi-selection check box group that can be dynamically created by binding the control to a data source.
Public classInputFormCheckBoxListValidatorRepresents a InputFormCheckBoxListValidator.
Public classInputFormCompareValidatorRepresents a InputFormCompareValidator.
Public classInputFormControlRepresents an input control on a Web form.
Public classInputFormCustomValidatorRepresents the InputFormCustomValidator.
Public classInputFormRadioButtonRepresents the InputForm radio button.
Public classInputFormRangeValidatorRepresents the InputFormRangeValidator.
Public classInputFormRegularExpressionValidatorRepresents a InputFormRegularExpressionValidator.
Public classInputFormRequiredFieldValidatorRepresents a control that checks to make sure that the specified field is filled out. It displays an error message and blocks submission of the form if the field not filled out.
Public classInputFormSectionRepresents a section on a Web form that contains one or more input controls.
Public classInputFormTextBoxRepresents text box control on an input form.
Public classItemHiddenVersionRepresents an object that renders the owshiddenversion value on a form for list item version control
Public classItemPickerRepresents a control that renders the External Data Picker control on the server. This control is used in the new, edit, and view list item forms when the fields in the SharePoint list are of type External Data.
Public classItemPickerDialogThis class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classItemPickerExtendedDataRepresents extended data for an ItemPicker user control.
Public classItemQueryControlThis class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classItemValidationFailedMessageThis class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classJobDefinitionSelector
Public classJobHistoryDataSourceView
Public classJobHistoryDetailDataSourceView
Public classJobStatusDataSourceView
Public classJSGridRepresents a user control that provides tabular editing within a web browser and contains a component that allows rendering Gantt charts.
Public classLanguageSpecificContentA container control that renders content conditionally based on the language code of the current Web site (SPWeb).
Public classLayoutsPageBaseRepresents an application page to which access can be limited to users that possess certain rights.
Public classLinkSectionA Web control that shows a collection of links.
Public classLinksTableRepresents a Web control that renders a list of hyperlinks.
Public classListAdministrationSelectorAllows a user to select a list from a given site collection and Web site.
Public classListFieldIteratorRenders each field in a list item, with some possible exceptions.
Public classListFormPageTitleRepresents the title control of a list form.
Public classListItemPropertyReturns a property of a list item.
Public classListMenuRepresents a menu that is rendered as an unordered list in HTML.
Public classListMenuAdapterAdapts a ListMenu to render as an HTML unordered list.
Public classListPropertyReturns a property of a list.
Public classListSiteMapNodeItemCreates a ListSiteMapNodeItem control.
Public classListSiteMapPathCreates a SiteMapPath control that renders a site map as a hierarchical set of nested unordered lists.
Public classListTitleViewSelectorMenuCreates a view selector menu control.
Public classListViewRenders a list by using a specified view.
Public classListViewByQueryRenders a list view within a Web Part or ASPX page according to a specified query.
Public classListViewSelector ListViewSelector control
Public classLookupFieldRenders a lookup field on a form page (not a list view page).
Public classManageCopiesButtonRepresents the ManageCopiesButton component.
This class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classManagedAccountPickerRepresents a user control that allows users to work with managed accounts.
Public classManagePermissionsButtonRepresents the ManagePermissionsButton component.
Public classMasterPageControlParameter
Public classMdsChromeControl Methods for ensuring that a control which appears in an MDS-enabled chrome can self-modify correctly when a page is loaded.
Public classMdsCompliantAttributeIndicates whether the script, style, and field registrations of a class are compliant with the Minimal Download Strategy (MDS) framework.
Public classMenuRepresents a custom menu for the Web Part page.
Public classMenuItemTemplateRepresents a control that creates an item in a drop-down menu.
Public classMenuSeparatorTemplateRepresents a control that creates a separator in a drop-down menu.
Public classMenuTemplateRepresents the control that creates a template for a drop-down menu.
Public classMergeButtonRepresents the Merge button.
Public classModifySettingsLink
Public classMonthlyCalendarView MonthlyCalendarView: control is rendering Monthly Grid Calendar View. Should be generic as any ASP.NET controls.
Public classMUISelectorThis class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classMUISettingsControlRenders the user interface (UI) that is used to modify language settings for the SPWeb object in the current request context SPContext.
Public classMultiPageGoBackButtonRepresents the MultiPageGoBackButton component.
Public classMultipleLookupFieldRepresents a control containing multiple lookup fields on a form page (not a list view page).
Public classMWSActionsMenu MWSActionsMenu
Public classMWSListViewSelector MWSListViewSelector control
Public classMWSNewMenu MWSNewMenu
Public classMWSSettingsMenu MWSSettingsMenu
Public classMWSViewSelectorMenu MWSViewSelectorMenu
Public classMyAlertsButtonRepresents the MyAlerts button on the toolbar.
Public classMyRegionalSettingsButtonRenders the MyRegionalSettingsButton on the toolbar of a user settings page.
Public classNavigationRepresents a navigation bar on a page.
Public classNewItemButtonRepresents the NewItemButton component.
Public classNewMenu NewMenu
Public classNextPageButtonRepresents the NextPageButton component.
Public classNoteFieldRenders a field on a form page (not a list view page) as a text box for recording notes with multiple lines.
Public classNumberFieldRenders a field on a form page (not a list view page) as a number.
Public classObjectModelActionEventArgs
Public classOverrideCheckoutCommandHandlerRepresents the ribbon command handler for the Override Checkout button.
Public classOWSControlObsolete. Ensures that all OWSForm server controls are contained within an <OWSForm> tag.
Public classOWSDateFieldObsolete. Represents a server control for a field that contains date and time values.
Public classOWSFormObsolete. Inserts a server control on the .aspx page and renders the JavaScript that is used in the form.
Public classOWSNumberFieldObsolete. Represents a server control for a field that contains numbers.
Public classOWSSubmitButtonObsolete. Represents a server control for a submit button.
Public classPageHeadTags
Public classPageModeIndicatorRepresents a page mode indicator control indicating whether the Web Part page is in personal mode or shared mode.
Public classPageRenderMode This control affects the mode in which a page is rendered when SharePoint "minimal download" mode is enabled. When the RenderModeType property is set to Standard, the containing page will always render in standard mode. When "minimal download" mode is disabled on an SPWeb, all pages render in standard mode regardless of this control.
Public classPageStateActionButtonCreate the button used to perform edit or save actions on a page.
Public classPageTitle
Public classPagingButtonRepresents the PagingButton component.
Public classParentInformationFieldRepresents information about the ParentInformationField object’s parent control in the page control hierarchy.
Public classPasswordTextBoxRepresents an input form control for passwords.
Public classPasswordTextBoxValidatorRepresents the password text box validation function.
Public classPeopleEditorRepresents a PeopleEditor object in a PeoplePicker control.
Public classPeopleEditorEntityDataKeysRepresents keys that can be used as indexers against the PickerEntity.EntityDataHashTable object to expose picker information.
Public classPeoplePickerDialogRepresents a PeoplePickerDialog object in a PeoplePicker control.
Public classPeopleQueryControl
Public classPersistedObjectContextSelector<T> Base class for switching contexts based on SPPersistedObject
Public classPersonalActions PersonalActions: a templated control for the welcome menu.
Public classPickerDialogRepresents a dialog box in which the user can select items. This class is intended to be the base class for custom implementations.
Public classPickerEntityRepresents the basic structure for all entities.
Public classPickerItemRepresents a reusable module for items consumed in a picker object such as the GroupedItemPicker control.
Public classPickerQueryControlBaseRepresents the base class for implementing custom entity queries. It provides the base infrastructure to display the search dialog box.
Public classPickerResultControlBaseStores the search results from the PickerQueryControlBase class.
Public classPopoutMenuCreates a popout menu that hosts any web control.
Public classPortalConnectionInserts a connection to a portal site onto the page if a portal site exists.
Public classPostCacheSubstitutionText Renders per-user text fragments in a way that is compatible with post-cache substitution.
Public classPreReleaseFeedbackObsolete.
Public classProjectPropertyReturns a global property of the current Web site.
Public classProxyActionMenuThis class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classProxySelectionSection
Public classPublishButtonDisplays a publish button on a form that is used to publish a list item, usually a blog post or comment. When this button is clicked, the draft version of the current list item is approved.
Public classPublishCommandHandlerHandles the state for the Publish button on the ribbon.
Public classRadioButtonChoiceFieldRepresents the field control for a radio button from a group of radio button choices.
Public classRadioButtonWithChildren A radio button that can allow a templated child control
Public classRatingScaleFieldRepresents a control for a rating scale field in surveys.
Public classRecentChangesIteratorThis control displays a list of recently changed wiki pages in the wiki library.
Public classRecentChangesMenuThis control generates a list of recently changed wiki pages in the wiki library.
Public classRecurrenceDataControl Internal class to hold Recurrence data.
Public classRecurrenceFieldRenders a field that holds recurrence information for a meeting list item on a form page (not a list view page).
Public classRegisterAccountControlThis user control allows administrators to register a managed account.
Public classRejectCommandHandlerRepresents a ribbon command handler for the Reject button.
Public classRelatedTasksInserts the Actions section of the View bar into the .aspx page.
Public classRelinkAllButtonRepresents the RelinkAll button.
Public classRelinkButtonRepresents the Relink button.
Public classRenderingTemplateRepresents a hybrid Control-ITemplate object that can serve as a template for classes derived from TemplateBasedControl and can be manipulated, and called from .aspx pages, as any other control.
Public classRenderingTemplateContainer
Public classRepeatedControlsRepresents a container control designed to render its child controls in a repeating pattern.
Public classRequiredFieldMessageRepresents a control that displays a message that a field is a required input.
Public classRestoreItemVersionButtonRepresents a RestoreItemButton component.
Public classReturnLinkRepresents a link to either the site homepage, the site collection homepage, or the server root. The default location returned is the first valid location from the list. Generally the first valid location is the site homepage.
Public classReturnToParentLink
Public classRibbonTrimmerRemoves the Publishing group and Workflow group from the Publish tab if they do not contain any elements. Also removes the Publish tab if all controls have been removed from the Publishing and Workflow groups.
Public classRichTextFieldRepresents a field control of the NoteField type when the RichText property is set to true.
Public classRoamingAppsLauncherControl
Public classRobotsMetaTag
Public classRssLinkRepresents a link to an RSS feed.
Public classRunningJobsControl
Public classSaveAndPublishCommandHandler Ribbon command handler for the "Save and Publish" button.
Public classSaveAndStopEditCommandHandlerRepresents the ribbon command handler for the Save and Stop Editing button.
Public classSaveAsDraftButtonRepresents the SaveAsDraftButton component to enable a user to save a draft version of a SharePoint list item.
Public classSaveBeforeNavigateHandlerAdds a control to a page that causes the page to be saved if it is in edit mode and if the user attempts to navigate away from the page.
Public classSaveButtonProvides a button, usually on a form toolbar, that is used to save a new or edited list item on the form.
Public classSaveCommandHandlerRepresents the SPRibbon command handler for the Save button.
Public classScheduledJobsControl
Public classScheduledJobsDataSourceView
Public classSchedulePickerRepresents a user control that can be used to change the SPSchedule of a timer job definition.
Public classScriptBlock
Public classScriptLinkProvides properties and methods for registering resources, such as scripts, on a page so that they can be requested when the page is rendered.
Public classSearchAreaRepresents a control that renders search area inputs and a clustered image button.
Public classServerSelectorEnables the user to select the current server.
Public classServiceApplicationsGridView
Public classServiceSelector
Public classSettingsMenuRepresents the tool bar button implementing the settings menu.
Public classSharePointForm
Public classSimpleQueryControlRepresents a query control.
Public classSiteActionsRepresents a templated control for the site action menu.
Public classSiteAdministrationSelectorEnables the user to select a site collection.
Public classSiteLogoImageRepresents a site logo.
Public classSitesDataSourceView
Public classSiteStatusBar Displays a site status bar as the first element in the page
Public classSoapDataSource
Public classSoapDiscoveryLinkRepresents a link to the site that contains the SOAP definitions and WSDL.
Public classSolutionItemButtonRepresents a base class for all solution button classes.
Public classSPAppIFrame The SPAppIFrame control is used by SharePoint App developers to iframe remote pages into thier SharePoint pages. The SPAppIFrame provides several useful features for this scenario: 1) The src attribute of the SPAppIFrame can start with the ~remoteAppUrl token which will get resolved into the url to the Azure VM that the SPApp was installed into. 2) SPAppIframe supports postmessage communications that lets the iframed content send a resize message to the parent page to resize the iframe.
Public classSPBoundFieldRepresents a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 field that is displayed as text in a data-bound control.
Public classSPCalendarBaseRepresents the calendar base class.
Public classSPCalendarContainerRepresents the calendar container.
Public classSPCalendarDataSourceRepresents the calendar data source.
Public classSPCalendarItemRepresents a calendar item.
Public classSPCalendarItemCollectionRepresents a collection of calendar items.
Public classSPCalendarItemContainerRepresents the calendar item container.
Public classSPCalendarNavigatorWraps one or more navigation controls; specifically targets calendar views.
Public classSPCalendarTabContainerRepresents the calendar tab container.
Public classSPCalendarTabsResponsible for rendering tabs that represent choices of different calendar view types.
Public classSPCalendarViewRepresents the CalendarView control hosted inside a ListViewWebPart.
Public classSPClientIDGenerator Outputs global script variables with clientIDs corresponding to the given server controls
Public classSPCompositeControl Summary description for adstract WebCustomControl.
Public classSPControlProvides methods for getting or setting the context of the request and serves as the base server control from which other controls in the Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls namespace derive.
Public classSPControlDesigner
Public classSPControlTemplateManagerProvides a method for retrieving one of the rendering template controls that are defined in one of the ascx files in %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\15\TEMPLATE\CONTROLTEMPLATES\.
Public classSPDatabaseSchemaVersionListProvides a Web control that renders a list of upgrade sequences that are associated with a content database and their corresponding schema versions.
Public classSPDataSourceRepresents SharePoint Foundation data to data-bound controls.
Public classSPDataSourceViewSupports the SPDataSource control and provides an interface for data-bound controls to perform operations against SharePoint Foundation data.
Public classSPDataSourceViewPropertyDescriptorDescribes properties exposed by the SPDataSourceViewResultItem class.
Public classSPDataSourceViewResultItemProvides custom type information for result item objects that are returned by the SPDataSourceView class.
Public classSPDatePickerControl Summary description for SPDatePicker Simple Grid-type view of Calendar require external jscript file which will supply DHTML functionality default jscript file: datepicker.js
Public classSPDirectionalHoverLinkButton
Public classSpecifiedListFieldIterator
Public classSPGridViewRepresents a grid view that looks and behaves like a SharePoint Foundation list view.
Public classSPGridViewPagerRepresents a pager control for use with the SPGridView control.
Public classSPGridViewRowRepresents a control that adds group-by support to a SPGridViewRow.
Public classSPGridViewRowAttributeValue
Public classSPHelpPageComponentRegisters a help page component to handle help requests on a page.
Public classSPHierarchyDataSourceControlProvides hierarchical views of SharePoint sites, lists, and folders.
Public classSPHtmlSelectRepresents an HTML Select control, with extended behavior added by SharePoint. In addition to the normal behavior of the HTML Select control, SharePoint adds the ability to add or remove choices, move choices between SPHtmlSelect controls using buttons, and select multiple choices in multiple SPHtmlSelect controls. This control is intended to be used within a GroupedItemPicker control to represent the Select boxes.
Public classSPHtmlTag
Public classSPInlineSearch Constants for use by the Inline Search functionality of the SPDataSourceView
Public classSPJewelRenders the Windows SharePoint Servicesjewel on a page.
Public classSPLinkButtonRepresents a hyperlink that is conditionally displayed based on the current user's permissions.
Public classSPLocalizedImage Represents a localized image in /_layouts/[lcid]/images
Public classSPMenuFieldProvides a data-bound drop-down menu to be used in place of BoundField, TemplateField, or similar controls.
Public classSPMonthPickerControl SPMonthPickerControl: control for provide ability to select move to random month in Year or move to previous or next Year. Control pretty generic and expect property has been set by caller Set of properties is the same as parent control: SPDatePickerControl
Public classSPNavigationManagerProvides properties for managing the display of TreeView and QuickLaunch controls.
Public classSPNoScriptOutputs an HTML noscript element that contains content to be rendered when the user agent loading the page does not support scripting.
Public classSPPageContentManagerManages all the resource content that may be registered on a SharePoint page, including script files, inline scripts, style files, inline styles, and hidden input fields. Spweb Ensures that the content can be either appropriately placed on a fully-rendered HTML page or correctly transmitted to a browser in the case of a partial page load.
Public classSPPageManagerHandles in-browser runtime for ribbons, toolbars, page components, etc.
Public classSPPageStateControlProvides an ASP.NET control that handles the Ribbon buttons controlling the state of a Microsoft SharePoint Server wiki or publishing page, such as the CheckInCheckOutButton or the PublishingButton.
Public classSPPageStatusSetterSets status messages on the subject Web page.
Public classSPPinnedSiteTile Outputs meta tags for creating metro tiles in Win 8 when a site is pinned
Public classSPPromotedActionButton Control to render an icon followed by text in the QAT area
Public classSPProviderHierarchyElementContains information about a single element in the claims provider hierarchy tree.
Public classSPProviderHierarchyNodeRepresents the claims provider hierarchy node for a control.
Public classSPProviderHierarchyTreeRepresents the hierarchy tree that the people picker page renders when a user performs search and browse operations.
Public classSPProviderInitialDataRepresents the initial data for the People Picker control.
Public classSPProviderSchemaSpecifies the elements of the claim provider schema.
Public classSPQATRenders the Windows SharePoint Services Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) on a page.
Public classSPRelatedWebPartAdderProvides a way to add a related list Web Part to the page and to connect it with a list form Web Part or another Web Part.
Public classSPRememberScrollWraps controls that need scroll bars, and remembers the scroll position between postbacks.
Public classSPRibbonRepresents a ribbon control on a page.
Public classSPRibbonButtonRepresents a button the Server ribbon.
Public classSPRibbonCommandRepresents a generic ribbon command.
Public classSPRibbonCommandHandlerManages the buttons on the ribbon that are specifically for the SPPageStateControl class.
Public classSPRibbonMenuRepresents a menu on the ribbon.
Public classSPRibbonMenuItemRepresents a menu item in an SPRibbonMenuSection object.
Public classSPRibbonMenuSectionSpecifies a section of a menu on a ribbon.
Public classSPRibbonPeripheralContentSpecifies a container used to hold content that is rendered in the peripheral content section of the Server ribbon.
Public classSPRibbonPopulateQueryCommandRepresents a command that populates a dynamic ribbon menu from an XML string.
Public classSPRibbonPostBackCommandRepresents a Ribbon command that posts back to a server control.
Public classSPRibbonPostBackEventRepresents a postback event for a Ribbon command.
Public classSPRibbonQueryCommandRepresents a generic ribbon command for the query command ribbon event.
Public classSPRibbonScriptManagerProvides methods for managing client scripts for interacting with a Ribbon.
Public classSPSchemaElementDefines a field associated with the schema of the claim provider.
Public classSPSecurityTrimmedControlConditionally renders the contents of the control to the current user only if the current user has permissions defined in the PermissionString.
Public classSPServiceApplicationProxyGroupAssociationElement
Public classSPSharePromotedActionButton The singleton promoted action button for Share a site
Public classSPShortcutIconRepresents a shortcut icon for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.
Public classSPSimpleSiteLink Very simple control which provides a link to the current site This control is compliant as a chrome control in an MDS-enabled master page
Public classSPSiteMapDataSourceDesignerProvides design-time support in a visual designer for the SPSiteMapDataSourceDesigner control.
Public classSPSiteMapPathDesignerProvides design-time support in a visual designer for the SiteMapPath control.
Public classSPSqlDataSourceRepresents base functionality for a SQL based data source.
Public classSPStatusBar
Public classSPSyncPromotedActionButton The singleton promoted action button for "Sync" (sync this document libary)
Public classSPTitleBreadcrumb
Public classSPToolBarButtonRepresents a SPToolBarButton component.
Public classSPTreeViewDisplays SharePoint Foundation site hierarchical data, such as a table of contents, in a tree structure.
Public classSPVersionedPlaceHolderDesignerRepresents a control designer for a VersionedPlaceHolder control.
Public classSPWorkflowDataSource
Public classSPWorkflowDataSourceView
Public classSPXmlDataSourceRepresents a data source that is able to read and write XML files from the content database.
Public classStartScript
Public classStyleBlock
Public classSubMenuTemplateRepresents the template for menu items.
Public classSubmitCommentButtonRepresents a SubmitCommentButton component.
Public classSubmitForApprovalCommandHandlerHandles the Submit for Approval button on the ribbon for the case where the rendered page represents a wiki or publishing page. Does not handle the case where a library view is displayed.
Public classSuiteBarBrandingElement Renders branding element based on the SuiteBarBrandingElementHtml property on the context SPWebApplication
Public classSurveyFieldIteratorRenders all fields in the list schema.
Public classTableResultControlRepresents the tabular query results returned by the ResultControl property.
Public classTaskListFieldIterator
Public classTemplateBasedControlRepresents a control that is defined by a template rather than by the schema of the list.
Public classTemplateContainerRepresents a naming container to instantiate control templates, primarily for list form controls.
Public classTemplatePickerThis class is reserved for internal use and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classTempMenuThis class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classTextFieldRenders a field on a form page (not a list view page) as a single-line text box.
Public classThemeObsolete. Applies a theme to an .aspx page.
Public classThemedClusteredHoverImage Clips and offsets a themed image and its corresponding hover version so that only a region of it can be seen in the browser.
Public classThemedForegroundImage Outputs a reference to an image, or the themed version of it if applicable.
Public classTimelineControl Control that renders an optimally packed, vertically stacked timeline in the browser. This is mostly rendered on the client (browser) side.
Public classTimerJobDataSourceView
Public classTimerJobHistoryControl
Public classTimerJobsControl
Public classToolBarSpecifies the toolbar on forms and views of list Web Parts.
Public classToolBarButtonRepresents the ToolBar button.
Public classToolBarMenuButtonRepresents the ToolBar Menu button.
Public classTopologyDataSourceView
Public classTopologyView
Public classTopologyViewWebPart
Public classTrustGeneralSettingSectionRenders the Name section of the General Settings UI on the Establish Trust Relationship settings page.
Public classUIVersionedContentRepresents a web control that renders content based on UIVersion.
Public classULSClientConfigWhen Client Script Error Reporting is enabled, this control would output the relevant script that enables error reporting.
Public classUnlinkCopyButtonRepresents the UnlinkCopyButton component.
This class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classUnpublishCommandHandlerDefines the ribbon command handler for the Unpublish button.
Public classUnsecuredLayoutsPageBaseRepresents the base class for application pages that explicitly do not require the user to have any permissions, such as the access denied page.
Public classUpdateableHierarchicalView A HierarchicalDataSourceView that allows for Update/Insert/Delete
Public classUpdatePageStateCommandHandlerHandles the UpdatePageState command triggered by a client.
Public classUpgradeSolutionItemButtonRepresents a button used to upgrade a sandboxed solution.
Public classUploadMenuRepresents the Upload menu.
Public classUrlFieldRenders a field that represents a URL on a form page (not a list view page) by using one or more child controls.
Public classUrlNameValidatorChecks for invalid characters in a site name.
Public classUrlPathValidatorChecks for invalid characters in a URL path.
Public classUrlRedirectorSets the HTTP 301 response code to tell the browser a url has moved.
Public classUrlValidator Base class for url validators
Public classUrlZonePickerRenders a dropdown list that exposes all of the URL zones that are available in the current Web application.
Public classUserControlContainerDesigner
Public classUserFieldRenders a field that represents a set of one or more users or groups on a form page (not a list view page) by using a PeopleEditor child control.
Public classUserInfoListDeleteItemButtonRepresents the UserInfoListDeleteItem button.
Public classUserInfoListEditItemButtonRepresents the UserInfoListEditItem button.
Public classUserInfoListFormToolBar
Public classVersionDiffProvides the version difference when given a field with Versioning enabled. It displays the changes between two versions.
Public classVersionDiffDescription This control renders the text that specifies which versions are compared.
Public classVersionDiffIteratorIterates through the fields of the given item for versioning.
Public classVersionedPlaceHolderA control that conditionally displays content based on the specified version string and on the current user interface (UI) version of the Web site.
Public classVersionHistoryButtonRepresents the VersionHistoryButton component that navigates to the Page History page.
Public classViewHeaderWorks together with the SPGridView and SPGridViewPager controls to provide a SharePoint-like user experience for grid-based views of data that does not come from a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 list.
Public classViewIconRepresents the View mode icon.
Public classViewSearchFormInserts a view search form into the .aspx page.
Public classViewSelectorRepresents a server control that is used to select a view of a list.
Public classViewSelectorMenuRepresents a control used to select a view of a list on a toolbar.
Public classViewToolBarRepresents a template based control for a toolbar in View mode.
Public classViewWebPartXmlButtonRepresents the ViewWebPartXmlButton component.
Public classVisualUpgradePreviewStatusObsolete. Displays a status bar if the current Web site is in Visual Upgrade preview mode.
Public classWarnOnUnsupportedBrowsersSpecifies the insertion of a script on the page that issues a warning when an unsupported browser is encountered.
Public classWebAdministrationSelectorProvides properties and methods for selecting a site from a site collection.
Public classWebApplicationGridView
Public classWebApplicationSelectorEnables the user to select the current Web application.
Public classWebPartContextualInfoRepresents the contextual ribbon groups and tabs that are associated with the Web Part.
Public classWebPartError An error message control to use inside of a web part.
Public classWebPartGalleryPickerObsolete.
Public classWebPartPageMaintenanceMessageDisplays a message and corresponding hyperlink indicating that a Web Part Page should be opened in maintenance view to delete problem Web Parts and remove personal settings.
Public classWebPartRibbonContextualGroupRepresents a contextual group that is associated with a Web Part.
Public classWebPartRibbonTabRepresents a tab associated with a Web Part on the Server ribbon.
Public classWeeklyCalendarView WeeklyCalendarView: control is rendering Weekly Calendar View. Should be generic as any ASP.NET controls.
Public classWeeklyDaySlot
Public classWelcome
Public classWelcomePageTransferThis class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public classWikiEditButtonRepresents the WikiEditButton component.
Public classWikiEditItemButtonRepresents the WikiEditItemButton component.
Public classWikiEditMobilePageButtonDisplays the WikiEditMobilePage button.
Public classWikiFileFieldContains the file name of a Wiki page in the form for creating or editing Wiki pages.
Public classWikiIncomingLinksButtonRepresents the WikiIncomingLinksButton component.
Public classWikiPageHistoryButtonRepresents the WikiPageHistoryButton component.
Public classWikiReportRepresents a control defined by a template for all Wiki reports.
Public classWikiReportIteratorRepresents a control defined by a template for listing pages in the Wiki report.
Public classWorkflowFormRepresents a work flow form container.
Public classWorkflowsButtonRepresents the WorkflowsButton component.
Public classXmlUrlDataSourceRepresents a data bound control that can access server side scripts and xml files on remote servers.

Public structureTimeSlotItem

Public interfaceIDesignerEventAccessorAccesses designer events.
Public interfaceIDesignTimeHtmlProviderRepresents an interface that is implemented in Web Form controls that are supported in a design-time HTML environment.
Public interfaceIFieldEditorWhen implemented by a class that inherits from the UserControl, class, this class assists in the rendering of a field property editor control on a new column creation page or a column edit page, which in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 are the New Site Column, Change Site Column, Create Column, and Change Column pages.
Public interfaceIFormDelegateControlSourceCauses the form to submit code (generally the OK button click event handler to call the OnSave method of the control with the desired object). This can be an SPSite or an SPWeb or other Microsoft SharePoint Foundation object, the type of which depends on the purpose of the page.
Public interfaceIPreRenderOverrideAllows a control to expose a publicly accessible method that calls the protected OnPreRender method.
Public interfaceIRibbonCommandRepresents a ribbon command.
Public interfaceIRibbonMenuRepresents a ribbon menu.
Public interfaceISPCalendarItem
Public interfaceISPCalendarSettings
Public interfaceITimelineDataProvider This interface is used to provide data for the timeline through any connected
Public interfaceIWebPartPageComponentProviderImplemented by the Web Part to provide Web Part page component information, such as the contextual group information.
Public interfaceIXPathNavigatorDefines the methods with which data sources can reveal XML data and schema information.

Public delegateAccountCreatedEventHandlerRepresents the delegate method that will handle the account creation event. This happens when the OK button of the user control is clicked to register managed account.
Public delegateBdcAccessor.ValidatorUsed to configure a BdcAccessor object in order to filter which external content types are shown in an EntityPicker object. For more information, contact us.

Public enumerationBdcDataSourceModeSpecifies a possible set of data to return for a Business Data Connectivity (BDC) service Data Source control.
Public enumerationClientPivotControlMenuItemType
Public enumerationContentDatabaseSectionModeRepresents an enumeration that can be used to specify the display mode of a ContentDatabaseSection user control.
Public enumerationFeatureLinks.ModeRepresents the enumerated choices for the FeatureLinks section mode.
Public enumerationFilterOperatorSpecifies the operator to use to filter a query.
Protected enumerationLayoutsPageBase.RightsCheckModesSpecifies the event or events at which the rights of the user are checked.
Public enumerationMenuAlignmentSpecifies the alignment of a Menu control.
Public enumerationMenuFormatSpecifies the display format of a Menu control.
Public enumerationPageRenderModeType The preferred type of rendering for a given SharePoint page.
Public enumerationPageStateActionDefines the action to be performed on a page.
Public enumerationPeopleEditor.AccountTypeSpecifies the account type for a user, distribution list, security group and SharePoint group.
Public enumerationPostCacheSubstitutionMarkupType
Public enumerationPostCacheSubstitutionTextType Used to specify the text type to be displayed with the PostCacheSubstitutionTextType.
Public enumerationRadioButtonChildOption Options that decide what to do with the child control when the button is not selected
Protected enumerationSchedulePicker.ScheduleTypeSpecifies the types of schedules that can be selected using the SchedulePicker control.
Protected enumerationSPCalendarBase.ItemTypeSpecifies the type of calendar item.
Protected enumerationSPCalendarBase.SPCellBorder
Public enumerationSPCalendarViewTypeContains the view type of the calendar.
Public enumerationSPControlModeSpecifies the mode of the control.
Public enumerationSPDataSourceModeUsed to specify the type of data that a data-bound SharePoint Foundation control should query.
Public enumerationSPDefaultResultDisplayTypeDefines the view that is shown in the People Picker dialog box search results.
Public enumerationSPEncodeMethodSpecifies how the composite formatted string is written in HTML.
Protected enumerationSPPageStateControl.PageStateStatusBarPrioritySpecifies the priority of the status bar.
Public enumerationSPPageStateControl.TransitionCommandHandlerSpecifies the server-side command handler used by the controls of the SPPageStateControl control.
Public enumerationSPPageStatusColorSpecifies the priority level of a status message.
Public enumerationSPSchemaElementTypeDefines the type of display for a field represented by an SPSchemaElement object.
Public enumerationSPServiceApplicationProxyGroupAssociationElementType
Public enumerationTemplateOverrideSpecifies whether a TemplateBasedControl object should render its Template or AlternateTemplate or whether it should let the logic of its own ControlTemplate determine whether its Template or AlternateTemplate is rendered.
Public enumerationTemplatePicker.TemplateTypesThis member is reserved for internal use and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
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