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PAGETYPE enumeration

Specifies the type of a form.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)

public enum PAGETYPE

Member nameDescription
PAGE_INVALIDNot used. Value= -1.
PAGE_DEFAULTVIEWDefault view. Value=0.
PAGE_NORMALVIEWNormal view. Value=1.
PAGE_DIALOGVIEWFile dialog box view. Value=2.
PAGE_VIEWView, including both default view and normal view. Value=3.
PAGE_DISPLAYFORMDisplay form for list items. Value=4.
PAGE_DISPLAYFORMDIALOGDisplay form for a file dialog box. Value=5.
PAGE_EDITFORMEdit form for list items. Value=6.
PAGE_EDITFORMDIALOGEdit form for a file dialog box. Value=7.
PAGE_NEWFORMNew form for list items. Value=8.
PAGE_NEWFORMDIALOGNew form for a file dialog box. Value=9.
PAGE_SOLUTIONFORMSolution form. Value=10.
PAGE_MAXITEMSNot used. Value=11.
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