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ClientCallablePropertyAttribute properties

SharePoint 2013

The ClientCallablePropertyAttribute type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property ClientLibraryTargets The client library targets. Whether to generate client library for DotNetFramework, silverlight or JavaScript (Inherited from ClientCallableAttribute.)
Public property DelegateMethodName The full name, including namespace and class name, of a static method that contains the property's implementation.
Public property ExcludeFromDefaultRetrieve Contains a Boolean value indicating whether to exclude the property from default retrieval.
Public property Internal Whether the type or type member is internal. (Inherited from ClientCallableAttribute.)
Public property IsBeta (Inherited from ClientCallableAttribute.)
Public property Name Rename the class/method/property name. By default, the client-side class/method/property name will be same as the name defined in server library. We could specify the Name property on ClientCallable to use another name for client-side class/method/property. (Inherited from ClientCallableAttribute.)
Public property RequiredForHttpPutRequest Contains a Boolean value indicating whether the property is required when the entity object is updated by an HTTP PUT request.
Public property RequiredRight
Public property RESTfulPropertyType The property type when it is used in RESTful operation.
Public property ReturnThisObjectIdentity
Public property SetProperty Contains a Boolean value indicating whether to expose the property set method. If false, the property will be read-only, even if the property is writable at the server side.
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