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Microsoft.SharePoint.BusinessData.Administration Namespace

The Microsoft.SharePoint.BusinessData.Administration namespace contains types that administer external content types.

Public classAccessControlledMetadataObjectRepresents an object that has the access control list (ACL) authorization checks embedded in one or more of its methods.
Public classActionRepresents an Action in the Business Data Connectivity (BDC) service. A type of MetadataObject that represents a URL that triggers the display or manipulation of data related to an Entity or an entity instance. Actions are contained by an entity. Actions contain ActionParameters.
Public classActionCollectionRepresents a collection of actions.
Public classActionParameterDefines the parameters that the action URL accepts.
Public classActionParameterCollectionRepresents a collection of ActionParameter objects.
Public classActivationErrorRepresents the error that is encountered during external content type activation.
Public classAdministrationMetadataCatalogContains members that administer the Business Data Connectivity (BDC) service Metadata Store.
Public classAssociationRepresents a relationship between two or more related external content types defined in one or multiple external systems.
Public classAssociationCardinalityMismatchErrorRepresents an activation error that indicates that the cardinality of the association does not match the configuration of the foreign identifiers.
Public classAssociationCollectionRepresents a collection of associations.
Public classAssociationGroupRepresents a collection of references to logically related association navigators, associators, and disassociator objects, and the corresponding bulk stereotypes.
Public classAssociationGroupAloneBulkNavigatorErrorRepresents an activation error that occurs when the external item contains a BulkAssociationNavigator and one of the following conditions is true: the BulkAssociationNavigator is not in an AssociationGroup, or the AssociationGroup that contains the BulkAssociationNavigator does not contain an AssociationNavigator in the same direction as that of the BulkAssociationNavigator.
Public classAssociationGroupAssociationReferenceRepresents an AssociationReference used to reference an association from within an AssociationGroup object. It is a superset of the base AssociationReference, which is used for referencing associations from TypeDescriptor objects.
Public classAssociationGroupCollectionRepresents a collection of association groups.
Public classAssociationGroupErrorRepresents a base class that represents all AssociationGroup-related activation errors.
Public classAssociationGroupIdEnumeratorCountMismatchErrorContains the count of mismatches in an AssociationGroup object.
Public classAssociationGroupInvalidReverseErrorRepresents an activation error which indicates that the AssociationGroup contains a reference to an association which has a type other than AssociationNavigator, BulkAssociationNavigator or BulkAssociatedIdEnumerator, and the reference is marked as 'reverse'.
Public classAssociationGroupMoreThanOneAssociatorOrDisassociatorErrorRepresents the error that occurs when there are more than one associator or dissociator in an AssociationGroup object.
Public classAssociationGroupNotOnCorrectEntityOrReverseSourceErrorRepresents the error that occurs when the association group is not on the correct external content type.
Public classAssociationGroupSourceMismatchErrorRepresents an activation error indicating the association references in an association group do not have a consistent set of source external content types.
Public classAssociationReferenceUsed when importing systems to provide a reference before an object definition is read.
Public classAssociationReferenceCollectionRepresents a collection of association references of an association group. Provides lazy access to associations so that they can be forward referenced.
Public classAssociationReferenceInMultipleGroupsErrorRepresents an activation error that occurs when an association is referenced in more than one association group.
Public classConcurrentModificationExceptionRepresents an exception that is thrown when the Update method or Delete method is used while the object is concurrently altered.
Public classDestinationNotFromContainingLobSystemErrorRepresents an activation error that indicates the destination external content type of an association is not from the LobSystem object that contains the method of this association.
Public classDuplicateMetadataObjectExceptionRepresents an exception that is thrown when one or more metadata objects have field values that are equal in a context where this is not allowed.
Public classEntityRepresents a data type such as Customer or Product in an external system application.
Public classEntityCollectionRepresents a collection of external content type metadata for assignment, calendar, constraint, outline code, project, resource, and task external content types.
Public classEntityReferenceUsed when importing systems to provide a reference before the definition is read.
Public classEntityReferenceCollectionProvides lazy access to entity references.
Public classExceededMetadataObjectLimitExceptionRepresents the exception thrown when the number of metadata objects of a particular type that is loaded into the cache exceeds a predefined limit, or if the number of metadata objects related to another metadata object exceeds a predefined limit.
Public classFieldTypeDescriptorCollectionRepresents a collection of TypeDescriptor objects that correspond to fields of a view.
Public classFilterDescriptorDescribes the metadata of a filter.
Public classFilterDescriptorCollectionRepresents the collection of FilterDescriptor objects.
Public classIdentifierContains methods and properties to handle the Identifier object of an external content type.
Public classIdentifierCollectionContains methods to handle identifier collections.
Public classIdentifierCountMismatchErrorRepresents an activation error indicating a method has an incorrect number of identifiers specified, based on the external content type it is working with.
Public classIdentifierReferenceRepresents a reference to an identifier.
Public classIndividuallySecurableMetadataObjectRepresents a metadata object whose access can be individually controlled by specifying an access control list of access control entries associated with this object.
Public classInvalidMetadataObjectExceptionThrown when a metadata object instance containing invalid or corrupt fields is encountered.
Public classInvalidMetadataPropertyExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown if a metadata property is not valid.
Public classLobSystemDefines methods and properties to describe an external system object.
Public classLobSystemCollectionContains methods to handle the collection of external system objects.
Public classLobSystemInstanceContains methods and properties to handle the LobSystemInstance objects.
Public classLobSystemInstanceCollectionRepresents a collection of LobSystemInstance objects and provides methods to create and enumerate LobSystemInstance objects.
Public classLocalizedNameRepresents the string representation of a metadata object in a particular locale.
Public classLocalizedNameCollectionRepresents a collection of localized names.
Public classMetadataExceptionRepresents a base exception class for generic issues with metadata, which is thrown when the Business Connectivity Services Client Runtime engine encounters one of these issues.
Public classMetadataExceptionStateRepresents the state of the metadata exception.
Public classMetadataObjectRepresents the basic object that is used to hold information about data.
Public classMetadataObjectNotFoundExceptionThrows an exception if the requested metadata object cannot be found in the Business Data Connectivity (BDC) service metadata store.
Public classMethodContains methods and properties that handle a Method object.
Public classMethodCollectionRepresents a collection of methods used to create and enumerate Method objects.
Public classMethodErrorRepresents an error that is caused by invoking a method.
Public classMethodInstanceEnables reuse of method metadata with different default values for the parameters of the method.
Public classMethodInstanceCollectionContains methods that handle the collection of MethodInstance objects.
Public classModelContains a collection of external systems (LobSystem objects) that can be packaged as a group.
Public classModelCollectionHandles the Business Data Connectivity (BDC) service model collection.
Public classParameterRepresents the in, in-out, out, and return parameters of each method.
Public classParameterCollectionRepresents the collection of parameters for a method.
Public classParameterErrorIndicates the parameter in which the error occurred.
Public classPropertyRepresents properties that are typed values associated with metadata objects.
Public classPropertyCollectionRepresents a collection of properties that can be added to DataColumn, DataSet, or DataTable objects.
Public classTypeDescriptorContains information needed to reconstruct types stored in XML format.
Public classTypeDescriptorCollectionContains methods to handle the collection of type descriptors.
Public classTypeDescriptorErrorContains methods and properties that handle the TypeDescriptor object errors.
Public classUnboundAssociationGroupAssociationReferenceErrorRepresents an activation error indicating that an AssociationGroup object references an Association object that cannot be found.
Public classUnboundAssociationReferenceErrorContains methods and properties to handle the UnboundAssociationReferenceError error.
Public classUnboundIdentifierReferenceErrorContains methods and properties to handle the UnboundIdentifierReferenceError error.
Public classViewRepresents a collection of fields, where fields are the data members of an external content type.

Public enumerationView.ViewComparisonResultRepresents the comparison results of the views.

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