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StandardRateFormat enumeration

Office 2013

Specifies the time unit of the resource rate; that is, the rate per time unit, such as dollars per hour.

Namespace:  Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client (in Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.dll)

public enum StandardRateFormat

Member nameDescription
MinuteValue=1. The resource rate is per minute.
HourValue=2. The resource rate is per hour.
DayValue=3. The resource rate is per day.
WeekValue=4. The resource rate is per week.
MonthValue=5. The resource rate is per month.
YearValue=7. The resource rate is per year.
MaterialValue=8. The resource is a material; it does not have a rate per time unit.

The StandardRateFormat enumeration in the CSOM is equivalent to Resource.StandardRateFormat in the Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library namespace. The StandardRateFormat constants can be used to compare with or set the following properties:

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