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Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Common.Configuration Namespace


  Class Description
Public class AssemblyQualifiedTypeNameConverter
Represents a configuration converter that converts a string to Type based on a fully qualified name.
Public class BinaryFormatterBuilderExtensions
FormatterBuilder extensions to configure BinaryLogFormatter instances.
Public class BlockSectionNames
A set of string constants listing the names of the configuration sections used by the standard set of Entlib blocks.
Public class ByteArrayTypeConverter
Represents a configuration converter that converts a byte array to and from a string representation by using base64 encoding.
Public class CallHandlerData
Base class for configuration information stored about a call handler.
Public class CategoryFilterBuilderExtensions
ILoggingConfigurationOptions extensions to configure CategoryFilter instances.
Public class CompositeConfigurationSourceHandler
Implements compositional merge behavior to IConfigurationSource implementations.
Public class ConfigurationChangedEventArgs
Public class ConfigurationElementTypeAttribute
Indicates the configuration object type that is used for the attributed object.
Public class ConfigurationFileChangedEventArgs
Public class ConfigurationFileSourceWatcher
Watcher for configuration sections in configuration files.
Public class ConfigurationSectionCloner
Public class ConfigurationSourceBuilder
Entry point that is used for programatically building up a configution source.
Public class ConfigurationSourceChangedEventArgs
Event arguments describing which sections have changed in a configuration source.
Public class ConfigurationSourceElement
Represents the configuration settings that describe an IConfigurationSource.
Public class ConfigurationSourceErrorsException
Exception class for exceptions that occur when reading configuration metadata from a ConfigurationSourceSection.
Public class ConfigurationSourceFactory
Contains factory methods to create configuration sources.
Public class ConfigurationSourceHandler
Implements common behavior for classes that add extended functionality to IConfigurationSource implementations.
This class can create subordinate sources based on the ConfigurationSourceSection configuration and propagates change events From these sources to the main source.
Public class ConfigurationSourceSection
Configuration section for the configuration sources.
Public class ConfigurationSourceWatcher
Reacts to changes on the medium on which a set of configuration sections are serialized.
Public class CustomCallHandlerData
A configuration element that allows you to configure arbitrary call handlers that don't otherwise have configuration support.
Public class CustomConfigurationElementCollection<T, TCustomElementData>
Represents a collection of NameTypeConfigurationElement objects.
Public class CustomFilterBuilderExtensions
ILoggingConfigurationOptions extensions to configure custom ILogFilter instances.
Public class CustomFormatterBuilderExtensions
FormatterBuilder extensions to configure custom ILogFormatter instances.
Public class CustomHandlerLoggingConfigurationBuilderExtensions
Defines configuration extensions to IExceptionConfigurationAddExceptionHandlers for ReplaceHandler configuration.
Public class CustomProviderDataHelper<T>
Generic helper class for custom provider configuration objects.
Public class DatabaseProviderExtensions
Provides extensions for common database providers.
Public class DataConfigurationSourceBuilderExtensions
Data configuration fluent interface extions to IConfigurationSourceBuilder
Public class DictionaryConfigurationSource
Represents a configuration source that is backed by a dictionary of named objects.
Public class EnumConverterWithExclusiveStandardValues<T>
Type converter used to work around enums with enums wrongly marked as "flags".
Public class ExceptionHandlerConfigurationExtension
Provides a base extensible class for handler configuration extensions. This class eases the handling of the IExceptionConfigurationAddExceptionHandlers that is the typical entry point for most exception handler's fluent configuration interface.
Public class ExceptionHandlingConfigurationSourceBuilderExtensions
IConfigurationSourceBuilder extensions to support creation of exception handling configuration sections.
Public class ExceptionHandlingLoggingConfigurationSourceBuilderExtensions
Extensions to IExceptionConfigurationAddExceptionHandlers that support logging exceptions.
Public class FileBasedConfigurationSource
Represents the implementation details for file-based configuration sources.
Public class FileConfigurationSource
Represents a configuration source that retrieves configuration information from an arbitrary file.
Public class FileConfigurationSourceElement
Represents the configuration settings that describe a FileConfigurationSource.
Public class FormatterBuilder
Entry point for configuring instances of ILogFormatter.
Public class HierarchicalConfigurationSourceHandler
Implements hierarchical merge behavior to IConfigurationSource implementations.
Public class LogEnabledFilterBuilderExtensions
Public class LoggingConfigurationSourceBuilderExtensions
IConfigurationSourceBuilder extensions to support creation of logging configuration sections.
Public class MergeableConfigurationCollectionFactory
Public class NamedConfigurationElement
Represents a named ConfigurationElement where the name is the key to a collection.
Public class NamedElementCollection<T>
Represents a collection of NamedConfigurationElement objects.
Public class NameTypeConfigurationElement
Represents a ConfigurationElement that has a name and type.
Public class NameTypeConfigurationElementCollection<T, TCustomElementData>
Represents a collection of NameTypeConfigurationElement objects.
Public class NonNegativeOrInfiniteTimeSpanValidator
Provides validation for a TimeSpan object allowing non-negative spans and the value for InfiniteTimeSpan.
Public class NonNegativeOrInfiniteTimeSpanValidatorAttribute
Declaratively instructs the .NET Framework to perform time validation on a configuration property. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class NullConfigurationSource
Represents a null configuration source that always returns null for a section.
Public class PolymorphicConfigurationElementCollection<T>
Represents the base class from which all implementations of polymorphic configuration collections must derive.
Public class PriorityFilterBuilderExtensions
Public class RedirectedSectionElement
Configuration element for a redirected section.
The Name property is used to identify the redireced section, based on its section name.
Public class ReplaceWithHandlerLoggingConfigurationSourceBuilderExtensions
Defines configuration extensions to IExceptionConfigurationAddExceptionHandlers for ReplaceHandler configuration.
Public class SendToCustomTraceListenerExtensions
Extension methods to support configuration of CustomTraceListener.
Public class SendToDatabaseListenerExtensions
Extension methods to support configuration of FormattedDatabaseTraceListener.
Public class SendToEmailTraceListenerExtensions
Extension methods to support configuration of EmailTraceListener.
Public class SendToFlatFileTraceListenerExtension
Extension methods to support configuration of FlatFileTraceListener.
Public class SendToFormattedEventLogTraceListenerExtension
Extension methods to support configuration of FormattedEventLogTraceListener.
Public class SendToMsmqTraceListenerExtensions
Extension methods to support configuration of MsmqTraceListener.
Public class SendToRollingFileTraceListenerExtensions
Extension methods to support configuration of RollingFlatFileTraceListener.
Public class SendToSystemDiagnosticsTraceListenerExtensions
Extension methods to support configuration of TraceListener.
Public class SendToXmlTraceListenerExtensions
Extension methods to support configuration of XmlTraceListener.
Public class SerializableConfigurationSection
Represents a configuration section that can be serialized and deserialized to XML.
Public class SystemConfigurationSource
Represents an IConfigurationSource that retrieves the configuration information from the application's default configuration file using the ConfigurationManager API.
Public class SystemConfigurationSourceElement
Represents the configuration settings that describe an SystemConfigurationSource.
Public class TextFormatterBuilderExtensions
FormatterBuilder extensions to configure TextFormatter instances.
Public class TimeSpanOrInfiniteConverter
Converts a TimeSpan expressed in as formatted string or as a standard infinite timeout.
Public class WcfExceptionShieldingConfigurationSourceBuilderExtensions
Provides fluent configuration exception handling extensions to IExceptionConfigurationAddExceptionHandlers
Public class WrapWithHandlerLoggingConfigurationSourceBuilderExtensions
Provides WrapHandlerData configuration extensions to the ExceptionHandling fluent configuration interface.

  Interface Description
Public interface ICloneableConfigurationElement
Interface used to implement custom clone behavior for a ConfigurationElement.
Public interface IConfigurationSource
Represents a source for getting configuration information.
Public interface IConfigurationSourceBuilder
Defines a configuration source builder.
Public interface IConfigurationSourceTest
This interface supports the Enterprise Library infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code. Augmented version of the IConfigurationSource interface intended to be used by unit tests.
Public interface ICustomProviderData
Represents the configuration settings for a custom provider.
Public interface IExceptionHandlerExtension
Used to provide context to extensions of the Exception Handling fluent configuration interface.
Public interface IHelperAssistedCustomConfigurationData<T>
This interface must be implemented by configuration objects for custom providers that rely on a CustomProviderDataHelper<T> to perform the dynamic properties management.
Public interface IMergeableConfigurationElementCollection
Interface that allows a ConfigurationElementCollection to be merged.
Public interface IObjectWithName
Represents the abstraction of an object with a name.
Public interface IObjectWithNameAndType
Represents the abstraction of an object with a name and a type.
Public interface IProtectedConfigurationSource

  Delegate Description
Public delegate ConfigurationChangedEventHandler
Event handler called after a configuration has changed.
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