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Microsoft.PowerShell.Cmdletization Namespace

The Microsoft.PowerShell.Cmdletization namespace contains classes used to create Windows PowerShell cmdlets from native or managed code.

CmdletAdapterIntegrates object model-specific operations into the generic cmdletization framework.
MethodInvocationInfoProvides information about the invocation of a method in an object model that is wrapped by an instance of CmdletAdapter.
MethodParameterRepresents a parameter of a method in an object model wrapped by CmdletAdapter.
QueryBuilderSupports the building of object model queries in an object model-agnostic manner.
SessionBasedCmdletAdapterProvides common code for processing session-based object models.

BehaviorOnNoMatchDescribes whether to report errors when a given filter does not match any objects.
MethodParameterBindingsDescribes how to handle the method parameter.

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