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SmartTagBase.Actions Property

Gets or sets an array of actions that are exposed by the smart tag.

Namespace: Microsoft.Office.Tools
Assembly: Microsoft.Office.Tools.Common (in microsoft.office.tools.common.dll)

public ActionBase[] Actions { get; set; }

Property Value

An array of actions that are exposed by the smart tag.
Exception typeCondition


The mutator was called after the object was added to a SmartTagCollection.

The size of the array must be predetermined, because dynamically adding actions to the smart tag would cause all the smart tags in the document to reload.

The following code example creates a Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel.SmartTag and then adds an action to the Actions property. This code example is part of a larger example provided for the Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel.Action class.

private Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel.Action DisplayAddress;

private void AddSmartTag()
    Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel.SmartTag SmartTagDemo =
        new Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel.SmartTag(
        "Demonstration Smart Tag");

    // Specify a term and an expression to recognize.
        new System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex(

    // Create the action.
    DisplayAddress = new Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel.Action(
        "To be replaced");

    // Add the action to the smart tag.
    SmartTagDemo.Actions = new
        Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel.Action[] { 
        DisplayAddress };

    // Add the smart tag to the workbook.

    DisplayAddress.BeforeCaptionShow += new 

    DisplayAddress.Click += new 

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